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  1. I'm having a weird issue with the latest 1.4.5 version. Similar like the issue above, as my borders and titlebar does have mismatch on colorization and/or the color brightness. Further tweaking on with the AeroGlassGUI revealed that on my desktop the title bar color is stuck at white and won't change. For example, If I select my glass color to be green and opacity to max, it still displays top-bar as pure white while the sides and bottom will respect the new color adjustment. Also, inactive border adjustments don't seem to work either, so inactive title bar is stuck at white color while borders are stuck with black. Is the GUI tweaker out of date and not compatible with the latest version, or does it still matter if I'm using 10240 build? I had to postpone the 10586 upgrade before when it broke the AeroGlass, and I remember I had a similar issue with the colors with the beta release version before, so something tells me it is not that... Doesn't seem matter if I'm using ANY custom atlas themes so my issue doesn't seem to be exactly linked in those. 1.4.1 still seems to work fine though, so I'm wondering what's wrong. Need to fix this as I don't want to postpone my upgrade indefinitely.
  2. What is the reason for especially stating that it is for build 10565, does that build for example somehow break my original version what I've made? I'm using 10240 since it gets officially updated, so I can't see nor fix the problem, if there is one for that build until release. Just curious If I need to be aware for future update. And btw for all of you guys, I went on and deleted my orginal clsharp_v2 attachment on page 14 and reuploaded it - file download should work on there now again, although the counter is back to zero. I won't be updating the theme further though, until some functionality stops working in the future, as I still don't like the colored buttons and I'm happy with the theme as it is. PS: jofkata81, try using imgur for image hosting, those links never worked for me
  3. Hmm I wonder why the original attachment is dead. At least it got uploaded to somewhere else. Still, it should be available on my server address which is http://hrtlan.com/clsharp_v2_AeroGlass.zip
  4. I'll check it out, but I have to say I'm not a fan of italic windows titles. It's purely optional, as you will see (it's a .reg file what you can use). I've mentioned in the zip file comment section how you can change it yourself to something else (as in, use winaero tweaker for example). If people really want to adjust the glow colors to their liking and such, it is the very reason why I edited the resources from my original version to make all the buttons have their own glow again. Indirect plus was that it also helped on readjusting the min-button glow strength and position too. Default margins were huge in the layout file, so I found making them nonexistent allows you to draw more clear image on it without it getting disorted on middle/corners. The glows are from left to right next to eachother in bottom right corner in the .PNG file, easy to spot. Just changing the color-hue itself is a 10 second job in these days and I invite you all to use some easy photoeditting tools (I use GIMP for making this) so you can make it how you like. I personally dislike the colorized buttons/glows and especially blue windows default colors (what it always has), so I can't see it looking good in anyway. BUT I don't know, maybe just making the x-part hover on red might not be such a bad idea. I just don't see the need for it when the whole theme is basically neutral on colors - it makes it unbalanced imho, and would basically need some (like that turquoise?) color for all the buttons. Example: by just going through the button's hover image and glow image, apply red colorify to both... you'll get this. As you can see it's not hard. Maybe red itself is just such a dark color that you would need to copy paste the glow couple of times to make it stronger perhaps.
  5. Clsharp theme update! Okay so, I've been doing some tweaks to my theme and decided to call it version 2. I'm now satisfied how it works and maybe I don't have to tweak it again too much after this. I wanted to make new post for this since the old one wouldn't even allow me to keep the old files, due to 500KB upload limit. Even though I made overall tweaks to make the theme more complete, I also included flat edition on it. While shading only makes a small difference over flat version, I felt it works better when you have more opaque color settings in use. This way people can choose what to use for their taste. Normal Preview: Flat Preview: Open them in different tabs so you can see face to face what's the difference really. I hope you enjoy! Edit: reuploaded the file so the counter is back to zero. I hope it stays working again now. clsharp_v2_AeroGlass.zip
  6. I was actually trying to find a way to get rid of that gradient, I personally don't like it, but I love the atlas overall. Any way to get rid of this would be amazing. Sure I can do that, it's just a 2min copy-paste work for me Personally I do like the gradient, since minimalistic 1-color transparent glass looks more boring. However It also could use some tweaking up and surely it isn't perfect. I'll update the original post and add that flat version for now and still experiment with few tweaks if I can make the gradient version also visually less annoying. This is the flat preview, hope you like it:
  7. Kankipappa, great theme, thanks!! Can you make it look more flat? Is it achievable by editing layout file that come with the theme(in this case can you give some hints about parameters in this file that need to be changed)? What do you mean by flat exactly? You don't like the glow coloring part on top of the window/borders, or do you simply mean the title bar is too tall for you? If it's the height, it can be adjusted easily by just downloading something like WinAero Tweaker and going through the "Window Borders" and "Window Title Bars" settings. Default value seems to be 18 and it atleast allows the title bar to be dropped down to 17. Shaving the borders to 0 will take the space off too a bit. For me using this GUI is more faster than going through the values in registry, since you don't need to log off. Adjusting the borders also through this way needs "ForceSystemMetrics" to be on at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\DWM registry. However if you have it off, it seems all the values still seem to affect the title bar height, but not the border radius. I use this way personally because it works better for the theme overall.
  8. Don't the taskbar and start menu transparency sliders affect the blur? Honestly asking - I would think it would since I assumed that's what's being blurred - what's showing through. No. It even blurs with 0 opacity because it blurs all the stuff underneath, not the taskbar itself. It wouldn't even make the wallpaper/windows blur alone, it would also blur the taskbar and the contents instead. With AeroGlass you can adjust the blur radius, what is basically some sort of Gaussian blur, so it would be nice to have that same kind of option. If nothing else, then to use that AeroGlass value directly so they would "sync up" so to speak.
  9. One feature request: Allow the user to adjust taskbar and startmenu blur strength. Now we just have on and off, and for me the blur is too strong. Imho as long as we have a taskbar with flat 1 color texture and no adjustable border color, the blur having full strength kinda destroys the cool effect for it. Since I'm guessing allowing user to also add custom taskbar texture alongside the color is out of the question?
  10. I've made some tweaks to my Atlas theme and since everything seems to look and function like I want, I thought why not to share it so you can try it out if you like! Layout file is also attached in the zip, because I made some modifications to the button margins and messed with the image positions a bit. http://hrtlan.com/theme_preview.jpg EDIT: I'm glad you people like it, so many downloads! Uploaded another update to make the button symbols appear more shaded and tweaked all the button symbols once for all. So nothing big really, but I felt that I had to adjust those symbols because they look better this way. Maybe I'll tweak the windows shadows in the future... Flat version added due to requests! clsharp_aeroglass.zip clsharp_v1.1_AeroGlass.zip FLAT_clsharp_v1.1.zip
  11. Anyone have issues on some windows border sizes? Mainly for programs like Nvidia Inspector, Notepad++ settings/find windows or even AeroGlass Launcher to name a few. They have nonexistand borders and can only be increased with ForcedSystemMetrics on. Problem is, in that way all other windows have huge borders if you scale them up through WindowMetrics... Even Aero Lite has the same issue, so it has nothing to do with AeroGlass afaik. To me it seems like an another Window 10 "feature" since the normal skin doesn't have borders at all, so those programs follow up on that.
  12. It also has happened here. Firefox 40.0.2 with fxchrome theme, Glass8 build 160 with a vanilla skin. Never happened before Aero Glass. The fix is to restart Firefox on that point, since the classic skin popping up seems to persist once it gets triggered. I'd say it's a minor issue since it does indeed seem to be triggered only when DWM goes down. EDIT: rarely happens though, not like everytime DWM goes down/disabled, since firefox "should" use the vanilla Windows 10 theme on that point. Seen it happen only twice while playing with the AeroGlass GUI and killing the DWM progress. Now coming to think of it, I believe it is a bug in Firefox itself and not in Aero. GPU driver crashing in Windows 7 also made Firefox's theme rendering bug jump out and draw blackness, also not getting "fixed" until Firefox is restarted. So it's the stupid Firefox's own theme engine getting the flak and not fixing itself.
  13. This is beautiful, is that an atlas? Could you please share it? TY! --edit-- That is win8rp atlas, right? Yeah it is, I edited it on top of win8rp.png. Well it's basically the same modifications I made to myself on the clearscreen sharp skin in few years ago, and I was happy running Windows 7 with that. I still feel there might be some tuning to do - like actually edit those min/max/close button symbols more, but surely it works fine right now as it is with default caption size. Set the Glass color as white, opacity to 0 and balance all the way up. And put caption coloring to white with the use of glow image on atlas theme. http://hrtlan.com/clsharp.png Since I'm not an expert on tuning that layout file, any tips to actually adjust the border size? I have set the ForceSystemMetrics on. Also Windows 10 start menu, volume tuning and notification/action center seems to get the glass borders too, but it doesn't do any blurring behind those. I would rather see them not having those glass borders at all if blurring isn't possible.
  14. I'm starting to get my Aero glass just like I had it in Windows 7, and I've had no problems running these builds so far on daily basis. However I've noticed that the engine does have some inconsistency between the title window glass and the added window border transparency. I mean it's clearly visible to see they do not link seamlessly, as seen in my screenshot: If you look closely to the top left side of the active window (file explorer one), it is more opaque on the title bar side than on the added margin border surrounding the window. I hope that it can be tweaked somehow. It's more visible on active window but does seem to affect the inactive ones too.
  15. You sure? it was just changed to another location, and it even works on RTM builds. In beta1-2 and rc1 Vista you had to put it under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. In RC2 and later it works only under HKEY_CURRENT_USER. Same paths othervise.. EDIT: Forgot to mention, at least in RC2 when i tried it while back ago, i got only Bluescreens. Safe mode was the only way to recover (delete the reg values) as i had only single user. It might work with Older GFX drivers (NOTE: WINDOWS XP Drivers) on Nvidia, can't tell how it works with ATi drivers.
  16. Amiga OS 4.0 > all They say Vista is more secure than XP. For the moment, yeh might be, but what is the thing in year or 2? Vista is so large by filesize, that i fear it will have holes in, a lot of them. More s***, harder to look trough? Or do we have to use all integrated Firewall & security crap so online stuff wont work, and getting LAN gaming more annoying? One feature what i hate to miss is IPX/SPX, and no, they don't have that in. what happends to all older RTS games? mby just need to dualboot with XP then. Been using Vista builds from since 4047, and i have so much Vista/Longhorn CD's already that i don't know what to do with them lol. Every build has been slightly better then older (well ok, 4047 had best features, the new sidebar in the new builds is useless and only candy atm). The problem in recent builds is that there is nothing anymore to upgrade for, if you cut out the smooth 3d-desktop & direct X 10. What more compared to XP? It still has same mouse problems, is more resource hog and old combatibility is getting s***tier (why they can't make a simple dos & win9x emulators then, if they can't include it inside the OS). In Vista it makes me feel nice when i just use only Internet browsers, mIRC or other simple because its new and smooth. Shame there is always a reasons to change back to XP, when considering its the most Buggiest Windows ever made (and has been p***ing me off for 5+ years. For me, this windows is the same as moving from Windows 98 to ME, there is really nothing more than the look (and more p***ing way to hide advanced features, altough i have gotten used to it now). I hope that it will have less flaws than ME had tough... They say always that they start from scratch, why ffs there is still Windows 9x iconsets inside the systemfiles then? Probably, we will see some real difference when MS drops the "Windows" out, mby we will see "Doors" next 1. "winkey+r" 2. There is a way to show the 'classic panel' i think its an advanced button somewhere. I found it when I was trying to disable cleartype. 1. Just go to the Start menu properties, and Customize it. Make sure "Run command" is checked from the list. The bottom menu is just quick search, like in the explorers top right corner.

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