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  1. new installation, cant login

    Same thing happening to me. It's definitely infuriating.
  2. 64 bit Edition?

    Things aren't coded 'in a certain number of bits'. In actuality, Far Cry was most likely programmed to be portable across 32-64 bit platforms. This means passing sizeof(datatype) instead of an immediate number (some datatypes have different sizes on 64 bit platforms), and a few other related things. Really, if they've coded it properly, then porting it to native AMD64 would be a matter of just recompiling. It's not as complicated as it's made out to be; I find that many of the people talking about compatibility and the programming of applications on AMD64 to have little or no C(++) experience. Really? My copy didn't work properly the last time I tried it... Might have been my DVD drive which I had to replace the month after. I haven't tried to install it anytime lately as I don't have too much time to game. heh....My bad for the bad info. You can download the 64-bit update. http://amd64andfarcry.gamedaemons.net/farcry.asp
  3. FILE *tar; FILE *new; char buffer[4096]; tar = fopen("mytarfile.tar", rb); new = fopen("mynewfile.tar", w+b); while ( !feof(tar) ) { fread(buffer, 1, 4094, tar); fwrite(buffer, 1, 4094, new); } fclose(tar); fclose(new); That's really off the top of my head, virtually no error checking.
  4. I'm able to transfer around 8~10 Megabytes per second over my Gigabit network.
  5. Newest Longhorn build:

    Regardless, the newest leaked build is 4083, and therefore the main page needs to be updated.
  6. Newest Longhorn build:

    This has been bugging me for a while. On the msfn.org homepage it lists the newest longhorn build as 4074. That obviously isn't true since 4083 has been leaked sometime ago, though it is only for x86-64. It'd be great if we could get the main page fixed, kthx.
  7. reduce boot time by cutting SCSI for 2k/xp cd

    download nLite. It will suit your needs perfectly.
  8. Windows XP SP2

    It will include MP9, and Directx 9.0C, i doubt it will include .net framework, and dont think it will include MM2, though I could be wrong about both.
  9. Slimming Win2K Install

    bump, c'mon, spare a minute and help me.
  10. Is it possible to combine SP4.CAB and Driver.cab like we do in the XP installs? What else can be taken out safely? I don't want to fool around with nLite, as it always gives me errors (and fits.) Thanks in advance, -Matt
  11. ISOLinux Tutorial?

    Can someone give me a step by step walkthrough of how to setup isolinux for a multiboot dvd able to boot different distros of linux? Thanks in advance, Matt
  12. Is it Legal to sell Unattended Windows CD + licenses for Windows and other software Included? Or would you have to include all the Origional Media? I know you would have to include the Licenses and all. -Matt
  13. Sorry if this is posted in the wrong forum or maybe even website... Has anyone experimented with an unattended Linux installation? I mean it boots, automatically has all of your settings and a custom kernel, newest KDE, Gnome, GIMP, the works. Anyone ever given it any thought? I think it would be cool to have a multiboot DVD with unattended XP, unattended Linux, Windows PE and Knoppix, buts that's for another thread all together... -Matt
  14. My Network Places Icon

    "Layman"? Lamest I think you might mean.
  15. Variables?

    What are some more variables for batch files? I know of : $systemdrive% %windir% What else is there? Is there one for a CD drive?