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  1. Rammstein - Liebe ist für alle da Die Puhdys - Wut Will Nicht Sterben
  2. Stefan, Great tool got a few little thingies from time to time i get mount errors when i close program then and start it again it runs ok log included It also would be nice when adding drivers, You could select a folder or when you wanna check them boxxes you could choose more then one at a time (keeping shift pressed) WinIntegrator.2009_11_25T19_29_56.rar
  3. Wouw Running it now for a test built , sure looks nice with all them options Tanks a lot for al ur work Stefan ** EDIT** using Version Beta gettin a Dism Exitcode50 error m8 WinIntegrator.2009_11_25T08_13_10.rar
  4. yah i noticed so i guess its gunna be DISM /image:C:\VISTAWORK\MOUNT\ /Remove-Package /PackageName:Package_for_KB970789~31bf3856ad364e35~x86~~ /PackageName:Package_for_KB970789~31bf3856ad364e35~x86~~ and don't put it in saves me a lot of agony
  5. Oops i already did the Dism /image:C:\VISTAWORK\MOUNT\ /Add-Package /PackagePath:"C:\VISTAWORK\UPDATES\Win7RC\Windows6.1-KB970858-x86-RC.cab" and it looks like its all fine **EDIT** but it isn't
  6. try Start /wait %systemdrive%\UPDATES\office2003-KB907417-FullFile-NLD.exe /q Start /wait %systemdrive%\UPDATES\office2003-KB921598-FullFile-NLD.exe /q Start /wait %systemdrive%\UPDATES\office2003-KB943452-FullFile-NLD.exe /q Start /wait %systemdrive%\UPDATES\office2003-KB943649-FullFile-NLD.exe /q Start /wait %systemdrive%\UPDATES\office2003-KB943973-FullFile-NLD.exe /q Start /wait %systemdrive%\UPDATES\office2003-KB945185-FullFile-NLD.exe /q Start /wait %systemdrive%\UPDATES\office2003-KB945432-FullFile-NLD.exe /q Start /wait %systemdrive%\UPDATES\office2003-KB948988-FullFile-NLD.exe /q Start /wait %systemdrive%\UPDATES\office2003-KB950213-FullFile-NLD.exe /q Start /wait %systemdrive%\UPDATES\office2003-KB951535-FullFile-NLD.exe /q Start /wait %systemdrive%\UPDATES\office2003-KB953404-FullFile-NLD.exe /q Start /wait %systemdrive%\UPDATES\office2003-KB953432-FullFile-NLD.exe /q Start /wait %systemdrive%\UPDATES\office2003-KB954478-FullFile-NLD.exe /q Start /wait %systemdrive%\UPDATES\office2003-KB955439-FullFile-NLD.exe /q Start /wait %systemdrive%\UPDATES\office2003-KB956357-FullFile-NLD.exe /q Start /wait %systemdrive%\UPDATES\office2003-KB958436-FullFile-NLD.exe /q Start /wait %systemdrive%\UPDATES\office2003-KB958620-FullFile-NLD.exe /q Start /wait %systemdrive%\UPDATES\office2003-KB959140-FullFile-NLD.exe /q
  7. I guess the Man is Busy
  8. C:\Windows\System32\diskmgmt.msc
  9. saw this on the net takeown /f %WinDir%\System32\shsvcs.dll icacls %WinDir%\System32\shsvcs.dll /grant "%username%":f copy %WinDir%\System32\shsvcs.dll %WinDir%\System32\shsvcs.dll.original copy shsvcs.dll %WinDir%\System32\shsvcs.dll takeown /f %WinDir%\System32\themeui.dll icacls %WinDir%\System32\themeui.dll /grant "%username%":f copy %WinDir%\System32\themeui.dll %WinDir%\System32\themeui.dll.original copy themeui.dll %WinDir%\System32\themeui.dll takeown /f %WinDir%\System32\uxtheme.dll icacls %WinDir%\System32\uxtheme.dll /grant "%username%":f copy %WinDir%\System32\uxtheme.dll %WinDir%\System32\uxtheme.dll.original copy uxtheme.dll %WinDir%\System32\uxtheme.dll
  10. tanks a lot wurked like a charm
  11. Can't in XP ? Took me 3,5 hours though to integrate NL lp.cab Windows6.0-KB905866-v19-x86.msu Windows6.0-KB931133-x86_Dreamscene_content.cab Windows6.0-KB932925-x86_Holdem.cab Windows6.0-KB932926-x86_Secure_Key_Backup_Package.cab Windows6.0-KB933246-x86_Bitlocker.cab Windows6.0-KB933713-x86_Dreamscene_RTM.cab Windows6.0-KB936330-X86-wave1.exe windows6.0-kb937286-x86-en-us.msu Windows6.0-KB938371-v2-x86.msu Windows6.0-KB941236-x86_Dreamscene_favorites.cab Windows6.0-KB941693-x86.msu Windows6.0-KB943729-x86.msu Windows6.0-KB947864-x86.msu Windows6.0-KB948590-x86.msu Windows6.0-KB948881-x86.msu on HP7600 XP SP2 with 1 G mem. but it can
  12. I must say it wurks great for me Used a English and a Dutch got no probs I ad Windows6.0-KB941236-x86_Dreamscene_favorites.cab Windows6.0-KB933713-x86_Dreamscene_RTM.cab Windows6.0-KB931133-x86_Dreamscene_content.cab Windows6.0-KB933246-x86_Bitlocker.cab Windows6.0-KB932926-x86_Secure_Key_Backup_Package.cab Windows6.0-KB932925-x86_Holdem.cab Windows6.0-KB948881-x86.msu Windows6.0-KB948590-x86.msu Windows6.0-KB947864-x86.msu Windows6.0-KB943729-x86.msu Windows6.0-KB941693-x86.msu Windows6.0-KB938371-v2-x86.msu windows6.0-kb937286-x86-en-us.msu Windows6.0-KB905866-v19-x86.msu Windows6.0-KB936330-X86-wave1.exe Tanks alot Albert
  13. actually they integrate fine but not everything gets translated. i have tested this. No problem here with nl lp.cab So i got me a dutch V-sp1
  14. 30 min for 1 image ( ultimate ) me is on Vista x86 on a HP 7600 SFF with 2 G mem
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