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  1. once upon a time i installed Windows ME. that was a pretty bad mistake.

    also, a while back i was reinstalling Mac OSX 10.4.3, and decided to use the Mac partitioning utility. bad bad mistake. it totally fubared my partitions to the extent that not even fixing the partition table did anything.

    i've also had linux distros create some screwed up partitions from the installer. (though at least with these i don't think i ever lost data)

    now i never ever use random partitioning utilities and always create my partitions before installation with a utility i trust.


    wow bledd, that testdisk utility is a gem, thanks for mentioning it!

  2. btw, any person in the world can request this fix from Microsoft, whether you're OEM, Retail, or have never owned a Microsoft product in your life.

    anyways, here ya go:

    Thank you for contacting Microsoft Online Customer Service.

    I understand from your e-mail that you wish to obtain Hotfix mentioned in the article 92441. I realize the importance of your issue.

    The hot fix for your issue has been packaged and placed on an HTTP site for you to download.

    WARNING: This fix is not publicly available through the Microsoft website as it has not gone through full Microsoft regression testing. If you would like confirmation that this fix is designed to address your specific problem, or if you would like to confirm whether there are any special compatibility or installation issues associated with this fix, you are encouraged to speak to a Support Professional in Product Support Services.

    The package is password protected so be sure to enter the appropriate password for each package. To ensure the right password is provided cut and paste the password from this mail.

    NOTE: Passwords expire every 7 days so download the package within that period to insure you can extract the files. If you receive two passwords it means you are receiving the fix during a password change cycle. Use the second password if you download after the indicated password change date.



    KB Article Number(s): 924441

    Language: English

    Platform: i386

    Location: http://hotfixv4.microsoft.com/Windows%20XP...NU_i386_zip.exe

    Password: tavl{XX4OG

  3. i've always used vmware, it's superior under most circumstances...but yesterday i actually found microsoft's VPC to be more compatible in a couple instances where things weren't working for me in vmware.

    so now i guess i'll be using both. (i'll use both because vmware is still at least 50% faster for me, even when i give VPC more ram than vmware)

  4. quick! let's install .Net 3.0 6 months before any software is released that requires it!

    WPF looks very nice, but I want an IDE to design from before I use it...I'm not coding that s*** by hand.

    And i'm not too sure i like the idea of big fancy complex UIs being available to the masses of developers. Before we were safe from the bloated UIs because it took a ton of man hours from experienced 3d programmers to create one. With .Net 3.0 it's going to be much much easier...to the extent that we will begin to see even AntiVirus programs and such with 3d interfaces and 3d animations...I can see my system resources dropping already. :(

  5. i remember before C&C was released i played a demo of it from a magazine. i got so hooked on that little demo, me and my friends must've played those couple levels a hundred times.

    but the best game of all time for me is Betrayal at Krondor. that was a sweet game. (ultima 7 is a close second)

  6. Norton = the PC Devil

    back in the DOS days we had to use their stuff because they were the only ones doing it, but now we have a choice: we can choose performance/reliability...or we can choose to believe marketing!

    All Norton has left is it's legacy. McAfee is the same. Two companies that failed to evolve.

  7. .Net 2.0 required

    and before i get posts saying this app doesn't do anything: it's a CONSOLE app. run it in a CMD window.

    i wrote this little app because ExeScript does not include a decompiler, and I needed to retrieve one of my batch files. yes it should have been done in c++, but hey...the source is here so feel free to port it if you want.


    autodetects compiled filetype: javascript, vbs, or batch

    finds start of batch file, end of batch file, then decrypts.

    works for silent and regular batch files and the other supported filetypes.

    ExeScript "encryption" is nothing more than each byte XOR 1, and they had the audacity to call it encryption!


    decompile.exe example.exe

    output is either example.js, example.bat, or example.vbs depending on what was compiled.


    only tested on evaluation exes, but it should work for the purchased version too (i hope).

  8. i keep the DNS service disabled, and can't even notice a difference if i start it up.

    any web browser i use caches DNS on it's own anyways...and i'm not typically going to be using any other protocol for repeatedly accessing the same site (and if i do, i'll patiently wait thru the fraction of a second look up time)

    re: jftuga

    thanks for the opendns link, trying it right now and it's pretty nice.

    and ****, just checked out a couple of the 4.2.2.x servers and they are slow as hell. you must have a crappy ISP if those are better for you LLXX! my sbc DNS is consistently around 60-250ms, those 4 series range from 300-550ms for me.

  9. i've had some pretty good luck with Quick Unpack 1.03, you might give it a try.

    the newest version is actually 1.05 so it's hard to track down the 1.03 version, but the older one is much more stable.

    the only downside is that it hardly ever finds the correct OEP, so you'll have to figure that out yourself.

    (it's pretty much the same OEP detection as PE Tools, so don't rely on that either)

  10. i have a 30mb iso which has no files, only boot data. when you burn it or mount it (or open it with any iso editor) it appears empty.

    extracting the boot image only results in the 2k el torito loader.

    i -think- the data is in FAT structure, only because after extensively viewing the hex i encountered references to a few file names like mouse.com.

    what would be the best way for me to view the actual files on this iso?

    i think i would have to strip the iso crap, remove the el torito bin and cat, pray that i have only the raw data, and then copy the raw data over to a FAT partition. but i'm hoping that it doesn't have to be that complicated :(

    the iso is the Acronis Disk Director Suite boot disk.

  11. i re-install windows very often and i have never even thought about doing this.

    and seeing the type of questions we get here on this board, i think it's very wise of nuhi not to include it in nlite. he probably saved a lot of people a lot of heartache ;)

  12. I have Western Digital hard drive w/ software that can format the drive but something cause it to format 90% then end in error which result in a incorrect format

    are you trying to format from windows? you can't format your system drive from windows because the drive can't be unmounted.

    the cd which has the software on it is probably bootable, boot from the cd and run the software from there if you absolutely have to use that particular program to format.

  13. i think it could be one of two things.

    maybe Explorer.exe needs to restart for the changes to be visible. (open task manager, kill explorer.exe, then file > new task > explorer.exe) that will save you from having to restart and could of course be scripted.

    the other possibility is that it's one of those pesky user settings that only gets written at logoff. there are many settings like this and they're a pain because if you change it manually in the registry, the system overwrites it at logoff with what it thinks should be there.

    to change those settings manually you need to change them before the user logs on, not while the user is logged on.

  14. added vpddecode, biosdecode, and ownership from the dmidecode project.

    also included the source with projects for dev-c++.

    Three additional tools come with dmidecode:

    biosdecode prints all BIOS related information it can find

    ownership retrieves the "ownership tag" that can be set on Compaq computers

    vpddecode prints the "vital product data" information that can be found in almost all IBM computers





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