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  1. Actually, only a small amount of all calculations that are normally done by programs can be parallelised. Otherwise, 79/80 of those cores are going to be idle since the program can only run on one.

    Better one ultrafast core than many small ones, unless your main focus is on parallel computation/distributed computing.

    dammit LLXX, stop being right.

    i did underestimate the amount of work needed to be done by compilers to realize parallel computing. for some reason i thought parallel computing was automatically handled by the OS.

    it is a shame how limited multi-core cpus are right now, you were right in saying there's little code that can be parallelised.

    intel will need to make a special cpu to feed it's 80 core monster.

    edit: haha, drugs. that was the part i was responding to.

  2. i don't think it's related to nlite. i think it's related to registry tweaks.

    it always happens to me on my nlite cds, but lately i've been testing stuff on a clean copy of windows with just reg tweaks, and my standby button was disabled for the first few boots.

    it fixes itself after a while though, and comes back. does your error log say anything?

    EDIT: just tested with a retail image + regtweaks, no nlite involved and it's still happening. event log doesn't seem to have anything related to it.

    i disable a ton of services, that would be my first bet at the cause of this. i disable workstation + server and pretty much anything else that isn't required for windows to run.

  3. Actually, only a small amount of all calculations that are normally done by programs can be parallelised. Otherwise, 79/80 of those cores are going to be idle since the program can only run on one.

    Better one ultrafast core than many small ones, unless your main focus is on parallel computation/distributed computing.

    umm...pretty much any part of any program except for the winforms GUI can be multithreaded. and if you develop a custom GUI (like what a game might use) then it too can be multithreaded.

  4. it's not your fault for including it in your pack. i think it's the only open source one available, everyone uses it.

    it is super unreliable. it crashes like nothing else and is very slow. it's fine if you just stick a cd in and play it through from start to finish, but after skipping a couple tracks it freezes and locks up ZP.

    can't even end ZP until i open up the CD drive.

    have tested it on multiple installs but so far not yet on different hardware. happens with ANY cd.

  5. if your harddrive is even remotely full, it will take that fat bloated DK about 50 long tries to defrag it completely. DK is trash.

    PD is lightweight and works. the science behind DK may or may not be better, but PD makes a noticeable difference in speed when i use it on a heavily fragged drive. DK does too, but not as much.

  6. zoom player + my more stable version of corone's filter pack ;)

    for everything.

    there's only one downside i've ever found to using directshow filters for everything: p*** poor support for regular music cds. the gabest cda filter is really horrible, but now that i know how to manually register directshow filters i'll probably dig up a better one.

  7. i wrote this app in c#, so you'll need .net 2.0 installed on your pc before running the menu. i install .net on all my comps so it's not an issue for me, if it's an issue for you, sorry ;)

    i personally install .net with cmdlines.txt or svcpack.inf, exactly how you do it is up to you.

    it's called Simple Application Installer and builds it's menu from an ini file in it's folder called sas.ini, which has pretty much the same structure as every other ini file. i created this project because i wanted a quick, simple to use menu system for my windows cds.

    an example sas.ini is included with the download.

    here are some of the features of SAS:

    room for 32 apps. (window will expand to fit the extra row)

    a [pre] and section for running an executable right as the menu loads or exits.

    configurable window title.

    apps can be run silently (this includes batch files) just remember that sometimes if you run a windowed app in silent mode the gui won't appear. (but the process will still run)

    configurable timeout setting from none to whenever, default is 60 seconds. moving the mouse disables the timer.

    apps on the list can be mandatory.

    apps can have a list of prerequisites consisting of other apps in the list.

    prerequisites are recursive. if app a requires b and b requires c, then app a also requires app c.

    apps on the list can be checked by default or unchecked.

    here's a pic of it in action:


    it's currently version 1.3, and pretty much feature complete. the only thing missing right now is a staticly linked version, because i can't link a dependable exe.

    it can be found at http://sas.awardspace.biz

    i'm also providing the source code, it's messy and my first c# app ever, so no poking fun ;)

    here's my SAS.ini that created the menu shown above:

    title=Lightning XP

    Name=Nero Micro
    cmd=%saspath%\Nero7\Nero-;regedit&/s "%saspath%\Nero7\nero7.reg"

    Name=DirectShow Filter Pack 2.6

    Name=Zoom Player 5 preview 8

    name=NOD32 Antivirus 2.51.30
    cmd=%saspath%\NOD32\setup.exe&/silentmode;%saspath%\NOD32\xxxxxxxxxx.exe&/verysilent /norestart;regedit&/s "%saspath%\NOD32\nod32.reg"

    name=Opera 9.02 + TIFF Plugin
    cmd=%saspath%\Opera\Opera_9.02_Eng_Setup.exe&/S /v/qn;%saspath%\Opera\opera.bat

    name=Mozilla Thunderbird
    cmd=%saspath%\TBird\Thunderbird Setup;%saspath%\TBird\TBird.bat

    name=WinRAR 3.61

    name=MagicISO 5.3 build 216

    name=Raxco PerfectDisk 8 build 30

    name=Everest Ultimate Edition 3.01

    name=010 Professional Hex Editor 2.02

    name=Slysoft AnyDVD

    name=dBpowerAMP Converter/Ripper 11.5

    name=eMule 0.47c


  8. came across this blog which mentioned the subject, tried it out and it works great.

    i don't make or use nlite addons, but figured someone would like to do it the proper way instead of the current addons that do it at guirunonce.

    svcpack.inf method:

    reg delete HKLM\Software\Microsoft\PCHealth\ErrorReporting\DW /f
    reg add HKLM\SYSTEM\Setup /v SystemSetupInProgress /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f
    dotnetfx.exe /Q /C:"install.exe /Q"
    reg add HKLM\SYSTEM\Setup /v SystemSetupInProgress /t REG_DWORD /d 1 /f

    doesn't work for me in vmware, for testing purposes i had to put the commands in a batch script, but after that it did work.

  9. BDD 2007 Beta Updated for Windows Vista RC1

    Business Desktop Deployment (BDD) 2007 Beta 2 is now available for download on Microsoft Connect. BDD 2007 provides end-to-end guidance and automation for large-scale deployment of Microsoft® Windows VistaT and the 2007 Microsoft Office system.

    BDD 2007 Beta 2 has been updated to support Windows Vista RC1 and now includes guidance and automation for Zero Touch Installation (ZTI) using Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS) 2003 as well as image creation of Microsoft Windows® XP desktop images.

    BDD 2007 Beta 2 extends Beta 1 with the following key features:

    * Zero Touch Installation (ZTI) using SMS 2003 (requires OSD Update build 3726) in addition to Lite Touch Installation (LTI) when SMS 2003 is not in place.

    * Windows XP desktop image creation.

    * x64 hardware (running Windows XP or Windows Vista).

    * BDD Workbench installation of the Windows AIK during first use.

    * Windows Deployment Services images for Refresh, Replace, New, and Upgrade scenarios.

    * BDD Workbench now builds the set of files needed for SMS 2003 OS Deployment Feature Pack package creation.

    * Office 2007 deployment is integrated into the BDD Workbench to build the source share, create, and populate the application selection screens.

    * New OS source move feature-faster than copy when adding a new OS to Workbench and the source is the same drive-primarily added to enhance demos and training.

    * Application grouping with dependency checking.

    * Product ID key handling for Windows XP and Windows Vista deployment scenarios.

    * Removable media deploy points and better filtering to reduce media size.

    * Fewer restrictions on version mixing of newer WAIK and Vista releases. Version checks now performed and detected issues are displayed.

    * User State Migration Tool (USMT) update for Windows Vista RC1.

    This Beta release of BDD 2007 is not feature complete; some documents in this release are legacy documents from BDD 2.5 and are currently receiving updates for Windows Vista. Release versions of BDD 2007 will add complete documentation and support for Windows XP image deployment, language pack deployment using ZTI and multiple partition handling. For more information, please see the Release Notes included with BDD 2007 Beta 2.

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