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  1. Requirements: .Net 2.0

    this is a console application intended for use in batch files.

    WaitKill waits for a list of processes to start and then kills them the moment they do.

    usage: WaitKill processes timeout

    example: WaitKill example.exe example2.exe ... 30

    in the above example WaitKill waits up to 30 seconds for example.exe and example2.exe to start.

    timeout is optional, if no value is given for timeout it defaults to 60 seconds. a value of 0 disables the timeout and WaitKill will run until it has terminated all the processes.

    WaitKill re-checks the process list every 20ms, and so on my system uses 6-10% cpu.

    at the 20ms threshold WaitKill closes the target processes on my machine without a flicker before they even have a chance to pop onscreen.

    i put this together real quick because i needed a simple reliable way to end annoying nag screens at the end of a few installers without having to use AutoIt.

    source is attached for anyone wanting to add functionality. i'm done with this as it's already served it's purpose for me, but if you find a bug i'll fix it.

    edit: fixed a tiny bug i saw right when i looked at the code for the last time!



  2. i'm discontinuing this project because i'm not happy with it being in .net...it already has a very obscure purpose, and requiring .net to be installed prior to using it is a pretty bad design flaw. the webpage that hosts it will remain since it's free. i do still use this app on my personal cds, but it doesn't meet my standards for public consumption.

    that being said, updates will come if i use this again in the future and need things changed and i won't be updating the ugly documentation.

    TBH i'm not even all that happy with the code.


    i used ini files because they are much easier to write by hand. it actually would have been way way easier for me to require XML files because .net has XML parsers built in, but for the sake of simple config files i wrote my own ini parser.

  3. thought i'd share a bit of info regarding this issue.

    i actually experience this same exact issue on an AMD Athlon 64 3000+ (even though microsoft says it's only a dual-core or multiprocessor issue), and the article gave me an idea of some things to try. i always blamed this issue on my video card in the past, but it's definitely a kernel issue.

    i traced it back to windows setup choosing the wrong HAL for my motherboard.

    setup was installing halaacpi.dll when it should have been installing halacpi.dll....the first one works almost perfectly on my comp, except for that strange kernel issue.

    after i replaced it the bug is gone... and i know for sure the bug is gone because i can reproduce it 100%.

    so if that fix doesn't work for you (didn't work for me) maybe give the HAL change a try, but make sure you have a way to get into your system to change it back if it doesn't work out because changing HAL can make your system unbootable.

    you don't know how happy i am to have fixed this bastard of a bug. this is the most frustrating windows bug i've ever encountered. it totally pops up at random, and when it occurs it causes file system errors every time because the kernel immediately deadlocks.

    p.s. you can find the HALs in your driver.cab on your windows cd, and whichever HAL you choose, it gets renamed to hal.dll and placed in windows\system32...you can check to see which HAL got installed by checking windows\repair\setup.log and searching for hal.dll

    just found this page that describes the different HALs:


  4. it's been out ;)

    big thanks for the thread prathapml.

    here are some settings i added to your XML for Enterprise:

    <OptionState Id="GrooveFiles" State="absent" Children="force" /> //groove
    <OptionState Id="OneNoteFiles" State="absent" Children="force" /> //onenote
    <OptionState Id="RefIEBarFiles" State="absent" Children="force" /> //research explorer bar
    <OptionState Id="WebDriveFiles" State="absent" Children="force" /> //hosted webs
    <OptionState Id="VBAFiles" State="absent" Children="force" /> //VB for applications
    <OptionState Id="OfficeDigitalSFiles" State="absent" Children="force" /> //vba certificates

    i also attached a little exe that executes this: setup.exe /config custom.xml

    (so be sure to name your config file custom.xml and place it beside the exe if you use it)

    it's 88k because 79k of it is all 10 icons from the original setup.exe, windows chooses the appropriate icon size & color depth automatically. i think there's also a 256x256x24bit vista icon, and even though i can't test it, should work fine.

    so now i run custom.exe to install the slimmed down version, or regular setup.exe to install/customize the full version.

    you can decompile the exe with my ExeScript decompiler at http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=86493 to confirm what it does


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