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    New build of Serpent/UXP for XP! Test binary: Win32 https://o.rths.ml/basilisk/basilisk52-g4.5.win32-git-20200222-9e90ea2-uxp-a7888b8cf-xpmod.7z Win64 https://o.rths.ml/basilisk/basilisk52-g4.5.win64-git-20200222-9e90ea2-uxp-a7888b8cf-xpmod.7z source code that is comparable to my current working tree is available here: https://github.com/roytam1/UXP/commits/custom IA32 Win32 https://o.rths.ml/basilisk/basilisk52-g4.5.win32-git-20200222-9e90ea2-uxp-a7888b8cf-xpmod-ia32.7z source code that is comparable to my current working tree is available here: https://github.com/roytam1/UXP/commits/ia32 NM28XP build: Win32 https://o.rths.ml/palemoon/palemoon-28.9.0a1.win32-git-20200222-ad08f7edc-uxp-a7888b8cf-xpmod.7z Win64 https://o.rths.ml/palemoon/palemoon-28.9.0a1.win64-git-20200222-ad08f7edc-uxp-a7888b8cf-xpmod.7z Official UXP changes since my last build: - Issue #1445 - Clarify the status of extensions in the Add-On manager (f107de8a9) - Issue #1355 - Make nsTableCellFrame::GetColIndex/GetRowIndex faster (d4098037a) - Issue #1446 - Only allow extension add-on types for Firefox compat mode. (e8417acbf) - Merge pull request #1447 from win7-7/optimization-4-pr (a4ab3fc59) - Issue #1446 - Only match extension add-on types for target applications. (4889e6dbb) - Issue #1445 - Use the detailed string also in the list entries. (ac68f8cf6) - Issue #1320 - Stop appending cpu arch to the end of %BUILD_TARGET% on Windows in UpdateUtils.jsm (66b9ddfd3) - Issue #1445 - remove redundant nativeIndicator (2073a7f1c) - Issue #1445 - strings cleanup (461a9e86b) - Merge pull request #1452 from JustOff/Issue1445_cleanup (8dc04fc24) - Issue #1445 - Add a link to details on using Firefox extensions in Pale Moon (c220c30bb) - Issue #1454 - Add MOZ_PKG_SPECIAL to UpdateUtils (e6b48cb64) - Merge pull request #1455 from JustOff/issue1445_details_url (0a8530b91) - Issue #1383 - Remove "Copy raw data to clipboard" button (e3d81b698) - Issue #316 - Make the memory GC performance object conditional (WIP) (59f7a2cdb) - Issue #316 - Pre-process Performance.webidl (28f67bddc) - Issue #1457 - Unfold sqlite3 from nss (0e9957c41) - Issue #316 - Be more gentle with the CC and nursery. (d53b11c9d) - Merge pull request #1458 from MoonchildProductions/316 (7832dded3) - Issue #439 - Remove tests from widget/ (178382e4c) - Issue #1053 - Remove Android Widget Toolkit specific files (18e74277b) - Issue #1053 - Remove conditional android code from widget/ (b36e60615) - Issue #1053 - Remove android support from NPAPI (04fb9eaa6) - Issue #316 - Make sure MOZ_DEVTOOLS_SERVER is passed down to js. (5e21bf1d5) - Merge branch '316' (1e88448dd) - [gfx] Put Skia-specific CTOR init behind Skia-conditional. (623c44226) - Remove gtest reference to non-existing path of removed component (944cf0dda) - Set module default identification properly. (a7888b8cf) Official Basilisk changes since my last build: - Issue MoonchildProductions/UXP#1454 - Update app.update.url to include MOZ_PKG_SPECIAL (d2a450f) - Issue MoonchildProductions/UXP#1457 - Update package-manifest (f5afaa2) - Update platform branch pointer. (5b6c056) - Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/MoonchildProductions/Basilisk (9e90ea2) Official Pale-Moon changes since my last build: - Update platform branch pointer. (0face352f) - Update platform branch pointer. (801c39008) - Issue MoonchildProductions/UXP#1445 - Add a link to details on using Firefox extensions in Pale Moon (5ab002dea) - Issue MoonchildProductions/UXP#1454 - Update app.update.url to include MOZ_PKG_SPECIAL (96d6179bd) - Merge pull request #1727 from JustOff/issue1445_details_url (663942c7b) - Update platform branch pointer. (638ceccd9) - Issue MoonchildProductions/UXP#1457 - Update package-manifest (d35f03895) - Issue MoonchildProductions/UXP#1457 - Remove redundant MOZ_FOLD_LIBS from confvars (a8ea2bbf0) - Update platform branch pointer. (0fa55d9fb) - Update platform branch pointer (e43f2cee8) - Minor corrections in module info and manifest (ad08f7edc) My changes since my last build: * Reverted following commits: - Issue #1445 - Clarify the status of extensions in the Add-On manager (f107de8a9) - Issue #1446 - Only allow extension add-on types for Firefox compat mode. (e8417acbf) - Issue #1446 - Only match extension add-on types for target applications. (4889e6dbb) - Issue #1445 - Use the detailed string also in the list entries. (ac68f8cf6) - Issue #1445 - remove redundant nativeIndicator (2073a7f1c) - Issue #1445 - strings cleanup (461a9e86b) - Issue #1445 - Add a link to details on using Firefox extensions in Pale Moon (c220c30bb) * followup of MoonchildProductions/UXP#1457, fix `mach package' (1b26a48e8) * manifest part was reverted in "[Pale-Moon] Minor corrections in module info and manifest (ad08f7edc)"
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    I really like that naming scheme except for "RFox" part. BTW, still not dead ;)
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    About Firefox / Seamonkey / Mozilla browsers, content blocker: Wunderbar98 said: > My primary Windows 98 browser is RetroZilla. Unfortunately it does not appear to have similar > about:config entries. Have been playing with about:config and various preferences, not much improvement. No, it doesn't show them, except "permissions.default.image", but the sibling prefs DO WORK too! And the good news is, certainly in your SM too, since I meanwhile remembered that KM is actually based on the SM engine, not really on Firefox engine. FF is just always mentioned for comparison since everyone knows it and SM much less, so I keep forgetting it The secret trick is, those prefs are just HIDDEN by Mozilla to prevent discovery by users!! Nonetheless they do work anyway. Just for showing up in aboutconfig, those prefs must first be created manually: right-click / new / name / type is INT / default 1 And you can search all over the web, thanks to Mozilla successfully hiding them, hardly anyone is aware of those absolutely crucial prefs, it's very hard to realize they exist and work. They also successfully kept myself from finding and learning about them for far too many, many years, all the time wishing strongly such possibilities would exist. Nearly fell off the chair when some day realizing: such prefs exist, and they worked all along! And even as far back as at least K-Meleon 1.5 (=FF2/gecko1.8.1/SMxx), probably even older. And those prefs also keep (kept?) working far into the future in modern engines. And are still HIDDEN from discovery, and very successfully so! One of my pet peeves, as you may have noticed by now, LOL! Not quite sure up to which modern engines they still work, just seeing how much Mozilla started hating user's toggling possibilities since some years, wouldn't be surprised if meanwhile they killed those prefs completely. But no idea. Can only confirm that at least up to FF38 (KM76 incl Goanna) they definitely still work too, and with a lot more types added over the years. Came across that endless list some day in some source repo (could dig it up somewhere in old notes, at any rate a good search key is for content blocking) Once discovered, those prefs can be handled as all others too. And to get them to show up in about:config with their default value, one can simply add a new list *.js file in the /defaults/pref/ folder, syntax like e.g. the channel-prefs.js. Or take Mathwiz useragents list as syntax example. I did request roytam1 to include those absolutely crucial blocking prefs visibly out-of-box in KM, by adding this little file, but as almost always, my probs are not his own personal probs, so declined. Of course, the first thing I did after learning such fantastic possibilities do exist, was to start writing KM-macros for easier pref-toggling. And for extending my ever growing button collection :-) Macros priv3buttons and permdefs (stupid names, sigh) Regarding ADDONS for other browsers (FF), there exist a few for toggling those types, like QuickJava, Content Block (by mdsy), PrefBar (tuxfamily.org), (more?) Just not quite sure what those do internally exactly, if using the same Mozilla prefs or some own ones. And am afraid, they didn't exist yet for your old SM/FF2? But addons are another huge subject, stuff for another novel (sigh), and personally have far less experience, hardly any. Only did experiment 1-2 years ago with adding more toggles to QuickJava, after discovering roytam's FF2-retrozilla with TLS1.2. And after long struggles due to missing skills finally got it working with my main prefs, also as triple-toggles, loved it. Then afterwards discovered the newer versions do have more buttons outofbox already, oops... Just couldn't figure out anymore how to get the FF3.5 addon version to run in FF2 too, but for just own use my messy DIY draft is well enough. But back to those global prefs, they can always be toggled on aboutconfig too of course. This page gives most important info: http://kb.mozillazine.org/Hostperm.1 E.g. a little list which GLOBAL types existed at least back since 2008 (=last edit). The global prefs are at the bottom, while the page itself explains domain EXCEPTIONS, also extremely helpful. Actually this plaintext sheet (hostperm.1) for Firefox2/SM is just the predecessor of permissions.sqlite, what I recommended in previous post, just the file format is different, and forgot my fave addon (ExEx) starts working only in later FF versions (FF3.5?) Important to know for "stylesheet", which you need most by far, in FF2 era: this pref only blocks _externally_ loaded styles, that means loaded from a *.css file, not internal styles defined in the html page itself. So some stuff on some pages remains invisible. Then additional css-snippets in userContent.css can help for those sites, if visited frequently. Or kill the remaining styles by menu again if needed (much more rarely) Or use bookmarklets/buttons/addons etc. for 1-click toggling of inner styles too (am using pure JS for this in KM macro)
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    @TechnoRelic > wrote a private message...
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    @sparty411, @Omntech I'm aware there is some degree of history and disagreement between you. Both of you have been a bit out of line with some of your comments. I'm glad that this issue has passed now, but it still must be addressed. sparty411, you were out of line to ask Omntech "who are you to..." back during the "great browser renaming war." Some of us who have been here for many years could put the same question to you as well, but it still wouldn't be right. I pointed it out back then, but I mention it here again for reference for anyone who may not know the full history, and because I feel this previous situation created a degree of animosity that helps to explain the current situation. I am aware of the response Omntech posted to that statement that was removed, and it was definitely out of line as well, to be clear. Another staff member judged that to be the best course of action, hoping that my post would be the end of it and you both would cool down, which seemed to be the case for a while. It should be noted as well that it doesn't come across very well here, at MSFN, and in this community, to spread "FUD" regarding older operating systems, older software, and those who choose to use them. Our general philosophy is that everyone has the right to use their computer as they see fit, and they have the right to not have to listen to others criticizing their decisions as such, which, regrettably, seems to be the norm across most of the internet. Let's celebrate the freedom to use our systems as we see fit here, not turn it into any other online forum where we refer to other people's choices as "asinine" and ask them why they want to do things instead of helping them do it. Omntech, I would ask that you please direct your arguments toward the ideas or situations that you disagree with rather than attacking the people who are presenting them. It's not acceptable (or necessary) to call others names to get your point across. Personal attacks cheapen the effect of a good argument. Yes, I "Liked" the post in question above. It was my gut reaction as I disagreed with the post you were responding to. But while I agree in sentiment with many of the things you've said, we must remain a place where ideas are debated rather than a place where personal attacks and insults rule and distort the power of the argument. While it may feel good to lash out at your enemies as such, it reduces the power of persuasion for anyone else reading it who was not directly involved. - This last statement is not really directed personally at either of you, but a general statement of principle. We should not judge someone solely by the number of their posts, or attempt to brand someone as a troll simply because they join and take a different viewpoint during a polarizing discussion. Polarizing situations often bring out those who might not otherwise speak, but this does not allow anyone to simply paint them with a broad brush as a troll or a flamer. Only time will reveal whether or not a member will become a contributor, a leecher, a clueless observer, or a troll, or anything in between. So let's move on from this, and not have any more such distractions.
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