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bootmgr based Multiboot DVD ( currently XP & Vista)


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bocoz the install.wim is now in \Vista\sources dir

which is supposed to be in \sources dir

Can anybody tell me how do i cahnge the path of sources\install.wim to Vista\sources\install.wim?

any suggestion is appreciated........

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I have Vista x64 & XP x64 booting fine using this method. Is it possible for me to add a third entry for XP 32bit? I try to use bcdedit /store Y:\USB_AIO\boot\bcd /create {name} /d "Windows XP Install" and it tells me the indentifier is invalid. When I put {ntldr} it just tells me that the entry already exists.

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1. The problem due cozing Invalid store will be the HKLM registry key access

u need admin access to get write on HKLM key

bcdedit uses this ket to mount the store

2. first start with a clean bcd store

add entries one by one

{ntldr} is an alias for actual GUID 466f5a88-0af2-4f76-9038-095b170dc21c

so it cannot be recreated

instead of "/create" use "/copy" and alter that entries parameter to u requirment

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Thanks that worked out fine. I have an entry for XP x86 on there now, the only problem is when I actually try to install it. I created a folder called BALLS and copied the x86 nlited (even tried un-nlited) disc to this folder. When I start the install I get a message about the txtsetup.sif missing or being corrupt. I have the bcd path set to \BALLS\I386\SETUPLDR.BIN. I thought it might be failing because the entries inside of txtsetup.sif had entries like "\I386" and I changed them all to \BALLS\I386 and so on for any directory entries it had, but I still got the same message. If anyone knows what's going on I could sure use the help.

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I actually tried that earlier this morning after reading a guide about this and it didn't work. Thanks for trying to help though I really appreciate it. I still haven't read far enough into all the info or maybe I misunderstood something I did read so if there's anything else I can try I could use the help.

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Is it possible to put in this :

/set{current}loadoptions DDISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS

So i never have to press F8 again during a Vista x64 setup with integrated drivers.

I mean edit the BCD that is on the DVD "DVD_ROOT\BOOT\BCD"

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first run through bcdedit /enum /v to get the GUID of the vista entry

then do bcdedit -store <store_name> /set {GUID} loadoptions DDISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS

BUT it will apply only on the booting DVD, it wont be ther wen it is written to the HDD

afterall this affect only to the WinPE which is booting from the DVD

the vista u need to do that will booted only after first reboot of setup

am still unable to integrate this option in DVD

i tried to mount the install.wim

and by editing the bcd template in System32\config of the image

no use, its not working.

Does anybody know from wher the installer in WinPE phase copied a default set of bcd store to hdd?

or is it creating dynamically by the setup routine ??

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Hi innocent devil, I've tried your guide, every entry is successfully added, I copied the folders, made the image with CDimage and burned it, the DVD boots, I get the two options(1-Windows Setup and 2-XP SP2 Pro Setup)

the thing is when I choose to install windows xp, The normal blueish screen of the textsetup mode insn't displayed, all I get is a blank black screen up until the time it says "searching for previous operating systems(or something like that)" why doesn't it show the whole txtsetup fase... because it kinda makes you think that the DVD isn't working(I actually resetted the machine twice before I decided to wait it out and see)...

other thing is, windows XP setup is taking way longer than usual after making the DVD image(from the usual 6-7 minutes to 30-35 minutes now)

My questions:

1-Isn't there a way to make the normal blue setup screen appear instead of the black blank screen being displayed for a while?

2-Is there something that I should modify in the CDimage options(switches) before I make it, in order to stop the sluguishness? maybe the UDF format or ISO format? :unsure:


3-how can I change the "Windows setup(EMS enabled)" entry to something like "Windows Vista Ultimate Setup"?

anyhow, thanx for a quick, effortless guide to multiboot....

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1) that seems unusual, i never been in such situaton, i usually get the press f6 to install 3party driver screen

(hint: it might due to the dvd filesystem)

2) better to put -j1 or -n(not verified)

but if u install.wim is >2gb no way to use -j1 (joliet restriction) else it better use j1 rather than u1

3) just disable ems support (go deep with bcdedit /v /enum to get is guid or try with bcdedit help)

( :( sorry i 4 got the details, & not able to check that as am not at home)

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Hi, I managed to get it to display that screen and the Installation is no longer sluguish, all I did was to remove the "-u1" from ur example of CDimage(I'm using CDFS now, I hope this is not a problem for vista though)

as for question 3, I'll try that when I get home too, I hope u remember it soon though bcoz I think browsing the BCD we'll be like a fishing expedition for me, no certainty of success....


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ya, i think the XP setup is little bit hesitant to a mirror udf (-u1) filesystem, thats y u got that delay :blink:

Okay i managed to get acopy of bcdedit.exe :thumbup

just running a bcdedit.exe /? gives

Commands that control Emergency Management Services for a boot application
/bootems Enables or disables Emergency Management Services
for a boot application.
/ems Enables or disables Emergency Management Services for an
operating system entry.
/emssettings Sets the global Emergency Management Services parameters.

then running bcdedit.exe /bootems /?

This command enables or disables Emergency Management Services for the
specified entry.

bcdedit /bootems [<id>] { ON | OFF }

<id> Specifies the identifier of the entry to be modified. Although this
command will work for any entry, it is only effective for boot


The following command enables Emergency Management Services for the boot

bcdedit /bootems {bootmgr} ON

So to turn off the [EMS Enabled] run

bcdedit -store <BCD file> /bootems {bootmgr} OFF

where BCD file is the BCD store that is to be put in the DVD

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I actually hit a dead end yesterday when I tried it, so thanks 4 the help, Now if I disable the "EMS Enabled" what will show instead(Windows Vista Ultimate setup would be great) but anyways I'll see for myself at home, but just in case it just disables the EMS thing(what is anyways) and just leaves "Windows Setup" how can then rename it accordingly.

You've been very helpful, thanks again

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