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Running Xp On A Slower Computer..


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What are some ways of running xp on a slower computer, im talking about optimizing the speed, like "adjust for best performance" is there anything else that will speed it up?


AMD 550mhz

224mb ram

Regular ATi video card


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Right click on the start button choose properties,start menu,classic start menu and unselect as many enhancements as it takes to run the smoothest.Also right click on desktop and select properties,appearance,effects,and uncheck"use the following transition effect for menus and tooltips and beside the check for "Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts",have standard selected.There are the shadow under menus which can be deselected also. :)

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Some good tweaks:

Disable System Restore

Use Classic Skin & Classic Start Menu

Go to My Computer Properties > Advanced > Performace > adjust for best performance.

Disable un-needed services

If you have a 2nd Hard Drive (not a 2nd partition on same disk) put your page file there.

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also internet explorer temp files, temp files, system restore files

get your hdd very fragmented so

what I do is I decreased the ie temp files to 10mb and ie temps gets deleted when I close the browser

and I've made a batch file which deletes the temp files at every boot/ login

also recycle bin's space reserved tends to be slack space so you could decrease it.

best you could do is classic themes and set the settings to performance instead of visual tweaking registry won't help too much but disabling services and startup program will help a lot

also some programs like .net have way over too many files integrated in the registry you might want to install less programs :)

and defrag your hdd often

also defrag your registry and search for unneccesary and invalid entries

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