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  1. If you want compleet safe data storage you can beter you an other hard disk then where your os is running on. If you want completle safe you can use a raid 0 setup, with two hard disks. But as say already mostly OS are installed on a primary partition and if you want to have more than 4 partitions (to sepparate your data or to have less fragmentation of your hard disk) you must use logical partitions in an extentend partion. Good luck
  2. Once I had a problem if i traid to log in there was some screens that the settings where loading. After it you think the desktop will appear, but no. I came back in the login screen. The problem whas the logon file that was damaged. Read more on this topic: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=27364&hl=
  3. If you want to download some files from websites or from ftp servers. Then a download manager will increase sometimes the speed. In Belgium i have also a cable internet connection and they say a lot of speed numbers. But it is once in the 10 years you have that speed. The reason? The internet speed is not only a part of the internet provider, also the global traffic on the internet and the power of the server you visit If you have a cable connection you share the speed whit all the users on a part of the cable network (by example your neigberhood) Also a big problem whit cable is the quality of the cables (smal cables >> bad signals) This are a lot of problems where you can change less on. Good luck
  4. What will you that I say?
  5. iemand14

    Login loop

    I fixed the problem. Search via google gives me the next solution. I don't know of someone is intrested, here it is 1 Get into the recovery console. XP cd 2 Get the file userinit.exe from another computer. (location windows/system32 folder) 3.- Overwrite the userinit.exe original file (from the infected computer) with the new one (use a cd or disk to transport it) (Command e:/userinit.exe c:/windows/system32/userinit.exe) 4.- Rename the userinit.exe to wsaupdater.exe And that should fix your problem . The reason of the problem is that Norton Anti-Virus placed that one importent file in Quarentine greats
  6. Yeee, Standing up is not the only thing. Eventualy you need to open your case, because: there can be USB ports on the motherboard. They put them there so you can fix something in front of your case to have also there USB ports. The best way is to look in the manual of your motherboard or that of your PC. An other option is to search on the internet. Why do you need to knwo how many USB ports you have?
  7. iemand14

    Login loop

    That's the strange thing of the storry. There is no eror message.
  8. iemand14

    Major Problem

    Strange storry. Can you still boot?? Can you acces the bios and change which volume you wan't to boot? If that is possible and you have a fat32 file system then you can boot with that win98 boot floppy and come in a DOS prompt. So than you can acces the drive. An other way to fix the problem. If your documents are standing on a different partition you can easy instal windows XP again. If the documents are standing on the same partition you can also instal WinXP. The only problem is when you have a OEM version you must format first and then you lose all the data. Be carefully with it. Good Luck Christophe
  9. iemand14

    Login loop

    also when I log on in safe mode there is the same problem. Is there a way to fix this problem?? I tryed diferent ways to logon, nothing worked.
  10. Can't you extract the SP2 on a manuel way?
  11. iemand14

    Login loop

    Hi, I have a litle problem. I have a machine running WinXP/ SP1. Everything fine for at least a year or two. This morning when I started my PC and wanted to logon everythings happens fine, but normal when the desktop icons and taskbare will be loaded there is a quick message I'm loging off. The next thing I see is again my login screen. Strange problem, please help me. Greats Christophe
  12. Intresting to know. So, in the Workshop to make a workstation af a Windows 2003 server is it stupid to dissable the control-alt-delete function?
  13. The first thing I do with a new Windows instalation is to disable the pop-up to press on Ctrl-alt+delete. The question is? Why did Microsoft built in this function. I heard of a friend is was fore security reasons, but I don't understad why. Can someone explane? Thank you.
  14. Look in your register, there you can change also a lot. Slo motion effects and stuff like that. Me father runs WinXP on a P2 400. And he is also a happy men. Do you try also a Tweak tool?
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