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New Build Problem


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the strange part is that you just get a blinking cursor.

most modern BIOS will at least give you a tiny bit of information along the lines of OS NOT FOUND PRESS ANY KEY TO REBOOT or something similar. you don't get anything like that?

double-check your BIOS settings, especially the RAID and IDE parts. just because a BIOS setting is labelled as RAID or IDE doesn't mean it won't have an option that relates to SATA.

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OK this was the problem. Two days ago, after I first built it, I had taken the Crucial memory out and put in some junky PC533 memory. It did not work and I immediately left the house. I didn't monkey around with the computer again until last night. So last night I was messing with the BIOS, not realizing that the old memory was in, and I set it to 800MHz, thus explaining the instability.....

Everyone has the right to knock on me LOL

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