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USB _________ (fill in the blank)


USB devices  

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  1. 1. What do you call them?

    • (USB) Flash drive
    • (USB) Pen drive
    • USB-key
    • (USB) flash key
    • Something else (specify)

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Does it really matter what you want to call it? You could call it a popcicle if you want, but when you go to buy one, you'd better know what the manufacturer and the dealer calls it, or you may not get what you want.


Apparently, "Memory Stick" is what they call those little flat dohickies that you plug into your digital camera.

I see them all the time in the stores, on the sales racks, and every one of them has "Flash Drive" plainly printed on the package.

So is there really any argument about what to call them? I'd think NOT!


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