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[Request] Properties Plus


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Hello! :hello:

I use from several years this application and i would like to add it on my Windows Xp MCE

PROPERTIES PLUS is an Explorer shell extension that lets you modify file attributes, file extensions and time stamps by simply right-clicking. Properties Plus adds a new menu item to the context menu that appears when you right click on a file. You can select a single file, multiple files, or select files contained within folders. You can then easily modify the file attributes, file extensions and the time and date stamps of those files.


It can be downloaded


The homepage is offline from 2003

I just can't cab it silently :(

Thank you for you help! :hello:

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Hi :)

I couldn't try this one because I gave up with integrating SP3: they told me that it cannot be integrated automatically on Windows MCE, so I keep using Windows nLited with SP2 (Ricktendo's addon still works)

Anyway thank you Johndoe for your help! :)

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I concur with ricktendo, but still, give my addon a shot as it employs a different installation method

File size :: 198.40 KB (203,132 bytes)

MD5 :: 466B368F832259885D40490717DC1BDE

Main :: Esnips

Just to let you know that I tried integrating at T13 using HFSlip on XP SP3 which did not work. But putting it at GUIRunonce works. (I did not tried it with ricktendo's addon though)

Thanks, johndoe74

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