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tcp/ip patch with nLite installer


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@soccer84playa: why would it cause an error? I'm not sure I understood your question - DOES it cause an error for you? I, as well as many happy nLite users (I guess), are using it without any problems.

@legionaire: You serious?!? if that's true, than how come it's still there...for me it seemed that nLite has a very logical course of action - it applies all the hotfixes/patches BEFORE it procedes to the tweaks/options...

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nLite tcpip patch works perfectly for xp and 2k3 all versions except newest with 2k3 sp2 64bit I think, I tried 32bit and it's fine, but I think someone reported that 64bit didn't work ok, gotta check though.

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I guess I could understand where you might have mis understood. More clearly I meant would it cause a error during setup saying a unsigned driver or something is being installed. Well I already compiled it anyways :P so I will be testing it soon. My last install was perfect except for dotnet breaking webclient @ svcpack so I'm doing runonce since people said it isn't a problem there.

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