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Can't Network 2 Win XP machines- HELP please


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I had to do a "recovery" on my C drive on my laptop- it put everything on that drive back to the way it was when I bought the Sony machine. I did all the necessary updates and the computer is working OK. Before that, I was able to network my 2 machines (both XP). Now, I'm trying to setup a Home network and it won't let me in. I ran the Wizard, gave the right answers ("other"- I'm going thru a hub- ea machine is plugged into the router which goes to my cable modem)...named my machines, picked a Network name- just like before. In explorer I see the "microsoft windows network" then I see the name of my home network. When I click on it says it's not accessible. Before it would show me both the laptop and office desktop. Now I don't see the machines when I click the network name but it still tells me that I can't get in- it says maybe I don't have administrative access or another issue. I'm the only one that uses these machines so there're no other users listed.

I have tried turning off my Norton to see if that would help but it doesn't. This is suppossed to be simple and I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.

Any simple, easy, detailed directions would be very very appreciated.

Thanks and excuse the rambling- I'm getting frustrated with this process.

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Users on a network authenticate as guest. A number of things could be going on. The guest account could be disabled. Guest may not have access to a share. And the list goes on.

You may want to read the following:



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