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BSOD After Desktop Loads


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I'll get the specs out first:

Mobo - ASUS P5B

CPU - Intel C2D Conroe 6600

Graphics - GeForce 8800 GTS 320mb

Memory - 2g OCZ Platinum DDR800

PSU - Thermaltake Purepower 600W

HD - Samsung 500g

OS - Vista Home Premium 64bit

I built this PC about three weeks ago, and it's been running great since. I was about to update to Nvidia latest beta driver and Ntune to see how it would work. So I installed Ntune and Vista says it didn't install correctly. I tried opening it and it wouldn't. So I unistalled it along with the old drivers to put the new drivers in. Then I get the blue screen with error 0x0000001E. I immediatly looked into the BIOS for something out of the normal. I pretty much have the default settings except for memory voltage and mouse power up. I reflashed the BIOS(1102) and still the same thing. I restored back to the beginning and still nothing. I then got to the point were I couldn't get into Safe mode. I spent 3 hours and 47 minutes on the phone with MS support and they came to the conclusion of a failed graphics card. We tryed putting a clean install in twice and during the final steps of the first start the blue screen shines! So I can't even get Vista installed now. The card is currently being RMA'd. I'm just wondering if this has happend to anyone else here. Or if anyone has any other suggestions or inputs on this.

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My laptop had this problem too. It has a nvidia card similar to yours, I think thats where the problem is. Maybe the drivers are not that stable with vista.

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Do you have any external usb storage devices? Your pattern sounds similar to what I went through. I changed out the power supply, the memory, and the cpu trying to find my problem. It came down to an external DVD drive. Vista hates usb storage devices on my computer. The only difference between your pattern and mine was my system would just power off, where yours bsod's. After a few crashes from each install I couldn't get into safe mode either.

This also happened with a usb flash drive.

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