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My Xp2400 Scores Higher Then A Xp3200..


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So on thursday I installed my 700+gram hsf, a Zalman 7000a-cu and enjoyed the silence of the 25db fan against my old DragonOrb 3 pos and was suprised by the overclock, 13X166.. today i was bored and felt like pushing it some more, got it upto 14*166 at 1.8V and 2.33GHZ.. In windows I tested it and i was amazed by the results, its scoring higher then a XP3200..


If anyone is looking to buy a new hsf that overclock well and is silent (20/25db, silent/normal mode) I really reccomend this. Also, if you are looking for a good cpu that overclocks well, the XP2400's are going down in price..

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It's alot better than my Athlon XP 2100+ (13*133). The FSB is actually set at 136 MHz, and that's it.

My PC boots at 140 MHz, but is unstable, at 145 I don't go farther than the POST and at 150 my BIOS autoflashes itself (Gigabyte dual BIOS feature).

Of course, the multiplier is locked, I'm using the stock heatsink and have to learn how to play with voltage and memory settings.

Did you know that newest AMD Athlon64 FX don't have a locked multiplier?

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I always buy thoroughbred cpu's or unlocked ones, ill prefer paying for it instead of doing it myself for that lil amount of money.. I tried to get mine to run at 200mhz fsb but no luck since all 3 of my hd's start getting corrupt and each time i have to put back my backup and install all my new apps again just for trying.. I guess next time ill make a backup of it before and might soon try a lil bit higher fsb..with my old fan i was only able to hit 15*142 at max which is 2.07ghz i believe, imo this was one of the best investments i have made in my comp since the xp3200 retails for around $300 and this fan cost me $43 including shipping, it fits all cpu types, also the new 64bit type..

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