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can't install zonealarm?!?! help!


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when today the zonealarm firewall update thingy come up, i clicked update now, so i eneded up downloading a new client, then when i tried to install it, the problem comes, the first time, it says zpeng24.dll was not found, and ask me to reinstall the program. but the program has already been removed for some reason... now im under no protection...it also ask me to restart TrueVector, but i didn't see it in progresses in the task manager.. wtf...now i can't install zone alarm firewall forever? what can i do??


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Comodo Firewall Pro (freeware) Excellent program!

For more information on firewalls, check out this link.

how come i can't use firefox to access internet anymore after i install this comodo thing?? it says some thing is blocing firefox from accessing internet... help pls..i allowed firefox... but it dont work......only IE does.

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