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  1. This may be account specific. Try creating a new admin level account and logging in. If everything works OK, you can copy over all your files and settings: http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=811151
  2. As far as the ordinary user is concerned, need for .NET is rare. Yes, some applications require it, but most of us can use an alternative for the same (or similar) task. Some of the programs that use .NET require specific versions, so sometimes one uses pack1 while another uses pack2 or 3. Or combinations thereof. if you have no .NET dependent applications, and are not into writing programs with the framework, it can be removed. Ditto if disk space is an issue. Many of us just keep it around 'in case.' I've always wondered why Microsoft didn't make it optional anyway.
  3. OK. That icon is displayed by my XP PRO for the mplay32 utility in the system32 folder.
  4. mplay32.exe Ultra basic media player buiilt into XP. Found in system32 folder. Actually works. (semi-sorta-kinda-almost-maybe)
  5. ZA Forum @ Castle Cops: http://www.castlecops.com/f23-Zone_Alarm.html ZA help site (Hoov): http://zonealarm.donhoover.net/index.html CheckPoint Zone Alarm Forum: http://forums.zonealarm.com/zonelabs/
  6. You might like the stuff here: http://www.wincustomize.com/ You may be interested in the way I have my Desktop set up in XP Home. Rt. click your taskbar. Hover over "toolbars." Choose "new toolbar. In the "New Toolbar dialog box left click "Desktop," to highlight. Choose "Make New Folder" button at lower left. OK You now have a "New Folder" on you desktop. BUT. This is a Toolbar Folder! Drag the folder to any open margin of your screen(left,right,or top) and drop it there. You now have a new toolbar! Go to the little bumpy line at the top of the new toolbar and Rt. click. Choose "Always on top." Do it again and choose "Auto-hide." Now the toolbar will pop out when you bump that Desktop margin with your cursor. Other Rt. click context choices are "Show text" (gives title of icons) and "Show title." (Displays name of toolbar) " View" offers large or small icons. But wait! The "New Folder" is still on the Desktop. Rename it as you wish, but leave it there. Any shortcut icon you drag and drop into that folder appears in your new toolbar AND disappears from your Desktop! Shortcuts in the toolbar are one-click launch shortcuts, just like "Quick Launch." All normal Rt. click shortcut icon context functions are available inside the toolbar. Drag and drop inside the toolbar to arrange icons. If you move the toolbar folder off the Desktop, you will lose all your icons. Ditto if you put it in a containing folder. Just leave it there. To completely clear the desktop, Rt. click an open spece and untick "Show desktop Icons." Rt. click Taskbar>Toolbars>tick Desktop. Now you will have a small vertical pop-up toolbar over by the systray for desktop icons. YES! You can do the same for the other empty margins of your Desktop and have four Quick Launch toolbars that autohide, but are always on top even when you have the screen full of something else. (I leave the Taskbar up and autohide the other three, but that's up to you. Now when you get a new shortcut on your Desktop you can just drop it in whichever toobar you want. To customize the covers of your three remaining desktop items (I added a fourth-work folder-for balance) Rt. click,choose "Properties">Customize>Change Icon. Here you can select one of Windows' lovely preinstalled icons, or "Browse" your computer for your own icons. You now have a Desktop with only three or four customized icons and nothing else but your beautiful wallpaper AND all your regularly used Shortcuts are always avaliable in one click.
  7. That depends... What is it you would like to do?
  8. Or better yet, try doing your research with Opera. Has built-in Java and Javascript controls that can be modified on a page by page basis. http://www.opera.com/download/
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