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System issue.. time for upgrade?


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My PC seems to have died today. It simply doesnt boot. It powers on but there are no beeps from POST and no display. I have removed every component one by one and tried booting each time, clearing CMOS, as well as trying another power supply to no avail. I think the motherboard is fried but I am not sure.

Is there anything else I can try..?

If not, I need to buy another motherboard. Which might give me the excuse to upgrade most of the components (not that its wise with my current bank balance!)

The current specs are as follows:

Gigabyte S478 motherboard, 3.4ghz northwood, 2gb DDR400, 2x250gb, Audigy 2 ZS, Geforce 6800gt (most of which will go on eBay to fund new parts).

I would opt for a Core2 E6600 cpu based system. Thats as far I know. I am not sure what motherboard (or even which chipset) to get, what memory, what graphics... any advice would be greatly appreciated. Im looking for a decent price/performance balance. I would buy 1 graphics card but would want the possibility of adding another in the future (SLI/Crossfire).

So basically I need recommendations for Mobo, Memory and graphics (playing latest games maxed out at 1280x1024). Rough estimates to spend are Mobo: £70-130, Memory: £70-110, Graphics: £80-150.


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i cant say much other than that recently happened to me, there was a contact missing from a DIMM slot. thats the end of that.

along with the vendor of choice, what would be more important from this system, energy efficiency or performance. not only that, but what will it be used mainly for, and what would it do once in a while?

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Nice, a 7950GT...

But I would wait a month if you have that time, the 8600 series from nVidia would be a nice option.

For the same price it will outperform the 7xxx series any time and you will get DX10.

Just my 2 cents ;).

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You never know, he´s still posting here ;).

True, maybe using a neighbour's pc :P

Im using my laptop! Also have Internet at work (where I am now).

So far ive bought that MSI mobo, Core2 E6600, and Geil DDR800 4-4-4-12. Just need the graphics, thinking I might just fork out and get a 8800GTS.. Is it worth it or is it better to opt for the cheaper 7950GT?

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