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How can I make programs on my task bar not automatically open on start


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Click on Start => Run type regedit and when reg editor open press F3 and check the "Match whole string only"

and type " run " in search bar and press Enter.

It will find and show your startup programs. Now delete the startup programs carefully.

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go to regedit remove unwanted entries from : :




That's the 2 most common ones, but there's also 2 startup folders/directories which are used quite a bit (by apps like MS Office, Extensis apps like Suitcase, and countless others).

But that's not where it ends. Startup Control panel has tabs for each common location, but even that is missing a couple (should be sufficient to eliminate most though). As for msconfig, I think I would rather rather gouge my eyes out with a rusty spoon than to be forced to use it (just my 2 cents). Regedit works, if you know where to look (the common ones are easy to remember, but it takes a while to "navigate" to them all manually, and it can be hard remembering the more obscure places)

My recommendation would be Autoruns (by MS, used to be from SysInternals). It has *everything*. Everything you'd find in the registry (and startup folders) all in one spot. There might be some other 3rd party utils (JV16 perhaps?), but I know this one is good, and the price is definitely right.

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While I know 3rd party alternatives such as AutoRuns are much more advanced then msconfig, it is sufficient for general users. Especially when they simply need to clean out everything that's loading up. But yes, AutoRuns is awesome. Check out this screenshot.

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