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The hotfix migration folder ($hf_mig$)


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Hi, only a simple question.

Since nLite does not create this folder when slipstreaming hotfixes into install source, can this folder be necessary when applying future updates?

I have read that this folder contains previous file versions of installed hotfixes, and its goal is to copy files newer than those contained in a new hotfix (if I'm not wrong...).

Suppose the following scenario:

Hotfix H installs file with version 1.0, but a previous hotfix -G- included that file with version 1.1. The system replaces the affected file with the version contained in the $hf_mig$ folder (hotfix G), not the contained in the new hotfix (H).

Thanks :)

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Yes, I'm refering to that folder.

Are you completely sure that this folder is no longer necessary? Read carefully the proposed scenario...


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i've never used nlite before but i had to jump in, the $hf_mig$ folder is certainly not just a 'temp' folder thats 'safe to delete', it is necessary if you want to maintain system stability

system stability :thumbup

usually that folder is empty, and then safe to delete.

If $hf_mig$ is empty it is 100% safe to delete.

It's used by windows hotfixes and windows update.

Some hotfixes extract the content to that location and some to last hdd.

The other folders in C:\WINDOWS with blue font like:


where xxxxxx stands for the hotfix number, are also safe to delete if you do not need to uninstall the installed hotfixes.

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