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  1. i've never used nlite before but i had to jump in, the $hf_mig$ folder is certainly not just a 'temp' folder thats 'safe to delete', it is necessary if you want to maintain system stability
  2. Your going to have to contact 'nw_raptor' of Neowin in reguard to the naming confliction, i didn't write the post in Neowin myself, nw_raptor did. I'm a release manager, nw_raptor is the project manager and creator of the official AutoPatcher project, it's his decision whether the change is good enough. This hasn't got anything to do with politics, it's simply a naming conflict, perhaps 'unauthorized' was the wrong choice of word. You looked at our project, decided it would be nice to create something similar for Win98 SE, so you created your own project, however you kept our name and thats the problem! The aim of my previous post was not to enter a negotiation nor ask a question, it was to state that theres a problem and get you in touch with my project manager, besides which you could have just asked us if it was okay to use our project name in the first place and that would have avoided everything!As i said, i didn't write the comment in the Neowin thread myself, but i believe we all understand that you wanted to advertise the availability of your project, however i don't think you approached it in the right way! You could have posted a thread saying "hey, as AutoPatcher doesn't really support win98, i've created my own spin off project, see here: [link]", which personally i would have been fine with, however instead it was a large post detailing your project which doesn't belong in our support forum, especially when it has our project name on it yet has nothing to do with us! FYI i haven't actually rated this topic, it has nothing to do with me if it has one star! Look, i commend you for the work your doing, but you can't use our projects name like this, please contact nw_raptor to get this naming conflict matter resolved asap.
  3. @soporific, please read the last reply to your thread over in Neowin in reguard to your unauthorized use of the name 'AutoPatcher' (p.s. dont forget your profile - 'creator of Autopatcher'). theblazingangel - x86 Release Manager for the official AutoPatcher project
  4. right, so between the initial releases and TPC 2005/MCE 2004 what was there? above i mentioned i believe there was a TCP 2004, and an MCE 2003. all i need is confirmation that they do indeed exist, and there are no others. thanks
  5. do you know the anwers to q's 1 & 3 in my last post? your the only person so far in two forums ive actually got some help from. thanks.
  6. well, youve certainly helped!so, - x64 editions are built on server 2k3 sp1, inc XP x64 - Tablet PC & MCE editions are built on xp sp1 while you may consider them all to be rtm, i took a look at the file details for a few x64 updates, they infact use the folders SP1GDR and SP1QFE, not RTMGDR and RTMQFE! so therefore, they are actually reconised as being sp1. the reason im being so picky is because the project im working on is do to with microsoft patches, and so i need to know specifics!! now, all i still need to know is: 1) the complete list of editions for Tablet PC and MCE. is it as follows: Tablet PC: initial release (2002), 2004, 2005 MCE: initial release (2002), 2003, 2004, 2005 2) is there an sp1 for server 2k3 itanium releases? 3) what about service packs for 2k small business server which i believe exists (correct me if im wrong)
  7. already have, ive been searching for hours and cant find the specific info im after, i revised the question, perhaps its clearer now what im after?
  8. im trying to gather info on all the suites & sp levels for windows 2k/2k3/xp for a project im working on, but im having a little trouble finding info on a few things so far i have the following: family suite service packs --- 2k pro rtm/sp1/sp2/sp3/sp4 2k server rtm/sp1/sp2/sp3/sp4 2k advanced server rtm/sp1/sp2/sp3/sp4 2k datacenter server rtm/sp1/sp2/sp3/sp4 server 2k3 web edition rtm/sp1 server 2k3 small business server rtm/sp1 server 2k3 standard edition rtm/sp1/r2 server 2k3 standard x64 edition ???/r2 server 2k3 enterprise edition rtm/sp1/r2 server 2k3 enterprise x64 edition ???/r2 server 2k3 enterprise edition for itanium based systems rtm server 2k3 datacenter edition rtm/sp1/r2 server 2k3 datacenter x64 edition ???/r2 server 2k3 datacenter edition for tanium based systems rtm xp home rtm/sp1/sp1a/sp2 xp pro rtm/sp1/sp1a/sp2 xp pro x64 edition ??? xp 64-bit edition (2002) (itanium) discontinued xp 64-bit edition 2003 (itanium) discontinued--- 1) firstly, what are the different versions of XP Tablet PC? 2) is the complete list of XP MCE versions: initial release, 2003, 2004, 2005? 3) installing xp sp2 on previous versions of XP Tablet PC will upgrade it to the 2005 edition. is this the same for MCE? what about xp sp1/sp1a? 4) most importantly, im confused as to the service pack levels of x64 editions. i believe they were released after xp sp2/ 2k3 sp1. are they identified as rtm or sp1/2? can someone help me out and answer these questions for me? thanks *update: revised the question

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