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How to intergrate Soundmax audio driver


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use winrar or 7zip to extract the zip or exe file that you have (if it supports it)

extract to say C:\drivers

copy your xpdisc to say C:\xpcd

load nlite, point it at c:\xpcd, integrate SP2 if you don't have it on there already (google "xp sp2 redist" for the full installer)

select driver integration, point it at the c:\drivers folder

then use the iso page to burn a new disc :)

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soundmax recommends that you use the setup program so that their control panel is installed... this allows you to set otherwise inaccessible options.

their setup.exe has a silent install switch (setup.exe -s)...

my question, however, is can this be integrated somehow as a software install? where do you normally put installer programs that have a silent option? can they go in with the hotfixes/updates, or does it have to go in guirunonce (i'd rather it not go there)?

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