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  1. this is my problem i do not see one of these cab or 7z files only what looks like a zip file. What am i doing wrong? Please help!
  2. Ive downloaded firefox addon which gives me a folder SVCPACK what contains what looks like a ZIP file. I add this to the hotfixes, addons tab in Nlite and i get a message upon processing "firefox unexpected.exe" Can someone give me a constructive idea how to use addons.
  3. I have downloaded soundmax motherboard drivers. How do i intergrate this into Nlite?
  4. OK, nice link but for a newbe like me does not mean much. Right i have downloaded: wmp11-windowsxp-x86-enu. Where do i put this? And what do i do with Slipstreamer. Please help we all start somewere dont we?
  5. Download the WMP11 installer from Microsoft, install the WMP11 Slipstreamer then simply run nLite and insert the WMP11 installer into the Hotfixes page. Could someone please explain step by step how to do this? Install the slipstreamer then what. If its so easy to do please help!
  6. Is it possible to integrate this in Nlite with this been an application?
  7. I have downloaded windows updates via the msfn hotfixes page, which directs me to the microsoft page on which i download them from. A typical downloaded file is: WindowsXP-KB899591-x86-ENU. The file type is an application. Do i just insert these files into the HOTFIXES & UPDATE page of Nlite?
  8. I have downloaded a custom xp but it is not in English. Is there any way i can resolve this using nlite?
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