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Well Google did NOTHING to help this search.

I have 5 copies of Windows XP Professional SP2, all LEGIT (the perks of working for a company) and I want to use my new keys but they are OEM not Corporate.

Now the question here is

I like the Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP2 Corporate INTEGRATED that many groups release each month so that a fresh install will need minimal if any windows updates.

So my question is what do I need to replace or edit so that my Integrated version will work with my OEM Key's

Point me to the correct area if im in the wrong place but its going into the nlite process where i get screwed in the CD-Key area.


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Editing setupp.ini to get a VLK disc from OEM/retail media or vice versa will not work. That will only work for OEM <-> Retail. There are some differences with the binaries. You can either put your company in jeopardy by searching the internet for these files to make a VLK disc (illegal act or potential unknown/undetectable trojan horse) or contact Microsoft and perhaps they'll let you have a CD or two for free or a couple of bucks.

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There is an easy way to do it!!!!

Microsoft released a tool known as "KeyUpdateTool.exe"

They created this tool so that people with Non genuine copies of windows (mostly corp.) can buy serials from Microsoft and change to OEM or Retail.

It's very simple tool.

But remember - after you change the key of your windows you need to activate it again!!

I tried this tool myself and it works great. Just follow the instructions.



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I can change the CD-Key with no problem (MJBean)

The problem is that when i put my OEM key in my installation for the Corp Integrated since its not looking for OEM keys and only VLK and CORP keys it fails (newegg.com copies OEM Legit)

my question was basicly:

XP Corporate edition -----> Turned into XP Pro OR made to accept OEM Keys either way the end result of having a nice fully upgraded first installation is very nice.

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Kane3162 -

What didn't you understand?!

The tool I told you about turns XP CORP to OEM!!!!!!!!!!!!! You said this is what you're looking for!

It doesn't just change the serial...

The other tools on the web won't help you. With them you can only change the serial to the same copy you had -

Corp to Corp and OEM to OEM...

Just try the tool man.

Be aware that you need to activate windows again after the key change.

Install you XP corp integrated copy and then change the windows to OEM.

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Not to be disrespectful here, but you stated you had 5 copies of XP Pro from your company - legitimate.

Yet, in the next sentence, you state your OEM keys don't work.

If you had 5 legitimate copies from your work then the keys should be included with them. If you copied the Volume media and got 5 OEM keys off the side of the computers then of course it doesn't work.

You can try the Setupp.ini but it likely won't work.

I haven't tried that tool mentioned to change Volume key to OEM - but if it was written by MS to fix the piracy issue then it likely works.

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