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stuck with .VOB files and need help in conversion


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well last summer we bought a digicam to video a lot of our vacation..

now the files on the mini dvdiscs are .VRO files and i can play them on my computer with windvdplatinum i forget what version but i like it anyways

how do i convert those files to something else? i havent been able to find anything that i can successfully convert them with.

i would like to eventually put together a dvd of everything one day after successful editing.. (which i obv. cant do either cause i cant edit a .vro since i cant convert it to anything else editable)

and please dont say "just rename the files!" people have told me this before and this isnt the answer. and if it is and im just a fool that is doing it completely wrong please guide me step by step on how to do it .

thanks for any help..

keep in mind i dont have the sony handicam anymore just the mini discs w the footage on them

below is a pic of what the (one of them on a disc) folder looks like that holds the contents of the video


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when you brought your cam, was there any software bundled with it, because you can connect it up to the pc, open the software import the video and you can edit and produce it into a finished article, i got power director bundled with mine

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@Ludwig- DGigrinder?

@christopher- Google the names that Ludwig stated: (1) Nandub (2) Virtual Dub

Then experiment. :) (and remember to use copies of your VOB files or whatever you are experimenting on!)


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