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Windows Repair Install with unattended CD

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I have my unattended CD all set and it works great. I know to get the f6 drivers to work you need to set oempreinsall=no but even with that option set it wont let me do a repair install. Is there something I have to change in my winnt.sif file to get the option to do a windows repair install?

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It may just be me, but I have never had good experiences with repairing XP. If I have an issue and can not fix it then I just do a complete install. I have even noticed every now and then that the machine gets faster after a new install compared to the past.

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I have and let me tell you in my years of experiance as a tech I have done repair installs many times to fix a corrupt system file or something which has saved me from doing a full reinstall + programs + data backup and restore... so any ideas how to get the repair option to show?

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I beleive yur answeris in this post


i just keep me old win xp cd ( SP0 :D ) just for , if i have to use the "R" option

to do some in recovery console , like a fixboot , fixmbr ur so

** EDIT **

just seen

I dont have repair [R] option at install, why, and how can I get it back?

In the Unattended - General page, the Unattended Mode, set to

'Prompt repair'.


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Using the old XPCD is what I do as well. I keep a image of my system for back-up and keep it up-todate. Then I just pull from it after a fresh install. It must just be my setup or something that causes me issues with a R option.

Heck, I do not even mess around with loading every program or trying to build a Unattended with the steps you guys have on here. I just use this app I found that does it all for you, Setup Studio.

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Do you mean an "In-place upgrade" ? You can do that by making a disk WITHOUT the Winnt.sif file.

Choose install, then when it finds your current installation, choose repair option. If your CD has been slipstreamed

with all the current updates (HFSLIP) then you won't loose a single update. This also keeps the programs (and reg entrys)

which has gotten many of my friends out of a jam.

If the sif file is on the CD you will never get the chance to do a repair install (in-place upgrade). You could keep the dif file on a floppy...

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