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Vista on CD


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I just got vista and is looking on how to squeeze the 2.5GB+ DVD to a CD. I thought of deleting Media Center(600MB+) & Drivers. As for drivers i thought of Integrating the latest with vLite. So that means that i can delete the Drivers dir(from vLite) right? If not, can someone tell me what can or cannot be deleted.

I am using a Toshiba M50 laptop:

Intel Cetrino 1.73GHz


ATI Mobility Radeon X600 256MB

Realtek Sound

Marvel Yukon LAN(if i am not wrong)

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you won't be able to get it down to a single CD, even by removing all the extras

False, I got my ISO down to 654 MBs without removing anything marked in Red in vLite. The day I buy Vista I won't go without using vLite. Holy cow that OS is heavy....

Next OS in 2009 should be 10GB or so... :P

This is what vLite's latest version will remove: Clicky

With that selection, ISO size = 650MB.

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You can order CD versions of Vista from Microsoft. Don't know the charges (probably reasonable) but they are doing it for persons who don't have DVD players. Obviously you will need to provide a product key from your DVD version. Sorry I don't remember the link but I'm sure a search for "vista on CD" at the Microsoft support site will turn up something.

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