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Prophetic Dreams


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I know this has nothing to do with Tech, But I'm going to say it anyway...

I have Prophetic Dreams and experience dajvu a lot, these are paranormal and some call them supernatural dreams.. and I always thought it was fake until when I was 10 years old were my dream saved my life >> It was about me going to work with my mom and the roads were bad... and later on we were in a car wreck and the said that I was in got hit hard and I was killed.. and I woke up and s*** i'm not going to work with my mom and when it was morning, I didn't go, I went to school instead and my brother and my dad picks me up and says that my mom was in a car crash and the side that got hit was the side that I was on, So if it wasn't for that dream, I would not be here.

and I had another just about 4 weeks ago, That I meet this girl that I never meet before and I had a dream about her and the dreams was about that she likes me and is in love with me and then the next day after that dream, it was true! and i don't date her or anything yet, cause I'm not allowed too and from now on I been getting these dreams about her and they are like telling me something and I can't figure it out..

and also one day last week I experienced dajvu at school, were I was doing something that I have never seen or never done in my entire life and i'm siting there and i'm like i feel like i already done this and I never knew how to fix it, so I remembered in my dream how and I did it for real and I FIXED IT!!!

and guys I AM NOT JOKING!!! this is for real!!!

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I don't doubt your gift and don't want to make fun or aything, but could you please dream that I've won the lottery?

hahaha, Don't I wish i could, Its not like that dude, Look it up... I only get these once and a while.

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ComputerMan... you're most definitely not alone... this has happened my whole life and continues to happen to me a lot. Quite rarely and random indeed. Are we 'special' ? :unsure:

hehe, I'm glad i meet someone that gets these as well. Yeah, well I don't think were special, Just are brains are not as normal as other but i dont care, I think it pretty cool, So like one day i will have a lottery ticket and I will have a dream and then the next day when i wake up I will win it HAHA!!! Don't I wish.

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The human mind is capable of things that may never truly be conquered by science. I've experienced a lot of unique things. Telekinesis, precognition, telepathy, I've made myself hotter and colder at will and used to play a telepathic color guessing game with my gf (wife-to-be as of August 11th :thumbup ).

Most people only believe what they see and experience themselves. No one simply goes by intuition or the "gut feeling" anymore it seems. I suppose I'm just generalizing, though.

And incase you were wondering, I don't smoke anything, do any substance/chemical, or even drink coffee. I prefer being 100% aware and cognitive of my surroundings and situation. I drink maybe twice a year but other than that I dislike anything that damages my health and/or perception.

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