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Issue Integrating Intel Graphics Driver


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I am trying to integrate the Intel Graphics Drivers into my XP install. I downloaded the file

Graphics Driver [WIN2K_XP142550.EXE] from Intel's website that supports a wide range of integrated graphics.

It has a single .inf file that handles everything. The actual n-lite process goes without a hitch however when I goto install Windows (using a VM) at about 98% I get a bunch of errors about corrupt/missing files on the cd. All of the missing files are actually language files (i.e. igfxrara.lrc 'Arabic language resource file', etc.....)

Has anyone encountered this error?


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When you say edit the inf, I take it you mean either delete or comment out all references to the languages that I don't need, right?

Been there, done that, no go, I still get the same error. I also tried commenting out the 'Generic language reference file'

I use a fresh, virgin copy of the XP files every time I mess with it.

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Ah ha!

Removing all references of *.lrc (except for the enu one, as its the english file) from the INF didnt fix the issue.

However, removing those lines AND removing the files themselves seems to have cleared it up.

Odd, eh?

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It was PE header checksum, they didn't have it corrected in those files but nlite can do that for you automatically.

Fixed in next version.

I also had that problem... You can fix it manually using modifype.exe :)

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