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  1. I ran into the same problem. I have no idea why it happens with nlite But if you copy the contents of your XP64 cd to your computer and then run the following command in Command Prompt WindowsServer2003.WindowsXP-KB914961-SP2-x64-ENU.exe /integrate:C\XP64 (or where ever your copied contents are) Then you should be good to go. Though, it must be performed on a 64bit host system or else when the service pack finishes unpacking and attempts to actually update the XP64 files, it attempts to launch a 64bit update.exe on a 32bit system.
  2. I have several new computers for some people the past few days and as part of the process I always create them a 'recovery' cd that will contain all the latest Windows updates (at the point of creation) as well as all the drivers integrated so that they can be up and running without my help if they ever need to reinstall Windows (there is more to my recovery cds to make it more user friendly, but no need to detail that) One of my builds is using Windows XP x64 edition. Everything works out just fine. Integrated service pack 2 (not with nLite though, as other topics have pointed out the same problem I was having, had to do it manually through cmd) integrated the raid drivers, chipset driver, audio driver, hd audio bus driver, lan driver, and video driver. However, the video driver (158.22_forceware_winxp64_english_whql for GeForce 8800) is integrated, but does not install during windows setup. Once Windows has been installed I can bring up device manager, manually search for a driver, the driver I integrated comes up as a choice, and i can install it without issue. But why isn't it installing during windows setup? When I manually install the driver, the window where I select which driver I want tells me that that driver is not signed, but doesn't give any actual warning or error prompts. The driver is suppose to be signed, as its declared WHQL. The nv4_disp.cat is present in the driver.cab file. My winnt.sif file contains the lines: DriverSigningPolicy=Ignore NonDriverSigningPolicy=Ignore Any ideas?
  3. Hello I built an nLite installation with 1.3RC2, RyanVMs 2.1.6 update pack, and a few other things. In nLite I create a user name Matt with a blank password. After Windows is installed, going to the User Accounts in Control Panel and attempting to set a password has absolutely no effect. You can set it, Windows does not complain. But when you restart the computer, it still automatically logs right on like there is no password set. If you go back to the User Accounts menu, it shows that a password is present (as the Create Password option has change to Change Password, and Remove Password has been added) The Guest Account is off by default, so Ive tried turning it on to see what would happen, has no effect. Ive tried looking through forum for similar issues but had no luck. Any ideas?
  4. Ah ha! Removing all references of *.lrc (except for the enu one, as its the english file) from the INF didnt fix the issue. However, removing those lines AND removing the files themselves seems to have cleared it up. Odd, eh?
  5. When you say edit the inf, I take it you mean either delete or comment out all references to the languages that I don't need, right? Been there, done that, no go, I still get the same error. I also tried commenting out the 'Generic language reference file' I use a fresh, virgin copy of the XP files every time I mess with it.
  6. Hello I am trying to integrate the Intel Graphics Drivers into my XP install. I downloaded the file Graphics Driver [WIN2K_XP142550.EXE] from Intel's website that supports a wide range of integrated graphics. It has a single .inf file that handles everything. The actual n-lite process goes without a hitch however when I goto install Windows (using a VM) at about 98% I get a bunch of errors about corrupt/missing files on the cd. All of the missing files are actually language files (i.e. igfxrara.lrc 'Arabic language resource file', etc.....) Has anyone encountered this error? Thanks!

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