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Can REGEDIT /S run in an addon


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Using Addon Maker for nLite to create addons for HFSLIP, I have several addons that use a custom batch file as the installation program. They all work fine after I correct simple user errors, but I have one addon in particular that has a line like

REGEDIT /S IZArcFileAssocs.reg

This doesn't seem to be working, now I am wondering if REGEDIT can even run in an addon. Is it possible? (I know about REG.EXE so I'll use if I have to, assuming that works)

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Are you sure that your REG file is valid?

For instance having anything other than "Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00" in the first line will cause REGEDIT to fail without any error popping up. It's happened to me before when I added a comment on the first line rather then further on down the file...

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Not only did the full path to REGEDIT fix my addon problem, you got me thinking I should put the full path to REGEDIT in my CMDLINES.TXT batch file as well, and this fixed a hair-pulling issue with my HKCU.reg..

So double thanks!

Thanks to all for the other suggestions, too.

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