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Win 98 Advanced: Windows Logon


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Hi all,

This is a question about the Windows 98 Logon.

I am trying to set 2 accounts up for my Windows Jackhammer like I did in the beta using normal windows 98 logon screen, but now I am thinking of replacing the Windows 98 logon program with one of my own (hopefully skinnable in the future)

My question is: Is it possible to replace the Windows 98 with your own logon like Netware and Dameware did in the past? Or is the windows 98 logon a instance of explorer.exe ? The awnser may be simple, maybe I overlooked it or maybe it is getting late here in Holland... but can some one please explain?

By the way, is The revolutions pack currently working on a new login screen?


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No, you probably won't make it. It is too hard and not documented at all.

I'm working on logon, yes. However, it is locked for my Windows 98 Revolutions project, and won't be available separately.

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Um, I know there is a way to save the password for the log on... and then there is a way that you can load a program before the rest of the shell loads....

could you *technically* create your own 'logon' type program to do this function? It would have to be able to create the required password files on first use, as well as direct the boot to the proper account selected (I think a few reg keys or something similar may need to be set)

There is also the problem of which logon type is actually needed by the end user... I think the default should be the one most similar to the default on on XP... MS Networks (I believe, I could be wrong so don't quote me this late on a Saturday night), and if this is true then it isn't a problem, is it?

I think I recall seeing some VBScript to swap out the logon type dynamically... but I don't think it was intended to 98 (think 2k)

I saw something like that.... somewhere.... I'll get back to ya boss...

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