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what is the correct order in Nlite "update & addons"?


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I want to merge the following packs with Nlite -

- RyanVM Post-SP2 Update Pack

- RyanVM latest DirectX 9.0c Addon

- RyanVM WGA Addon

- Internet Explorer 7

what is the order I should put them in Nlite? Does it even matter?

*Before Nlite, I merged WMP11 with "WMP11 Integrator 1.1 Build 60".

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The order definitely matters. In your setup, however, it is not critical.

I would put the Post SP2 Update Pack last just to be sure.

Just try it and test it using Microsoft's Virtual PC 2004. It's very powerful and it's free.

Can I install it on a machine running XP Home, to test an unattended install of XP Home? The system requirements mentioned on the MS site refer to XP Pro; no mention of XP Home, whichleads me to believe the answer is 'No'.

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mitsukai - nLite is definitely wise, thank you very much. The problem is that not all MS Updates have dates embedded within them and some updates use different date formatting then others. This is why the use of RyanVM's update packs is the best solution rather then using the actual MS Updates.

Mr Reorg - I guess that answers your question :)

Birds - This would not be a good idea since the Post SP2 Update Pack has an IE7 update inside. This is why I suggested the order I suggested. Believe me, I did this many times.

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As a rule of thumb - I would put DX before the Post SP2 Pack, as it is a component of Windows and there have surely been updates for it. Also, some updates depend on its existence (although in such case this isn't critical).

The same goes with IE7 (and that's why I told you to put it too before the Post SP2 Pack), only in that case I know for sure there are at least two updates for IE7 contained in the Pack.

So the rule is "Think Logically": "Has the component I'm adding been updated (hint: Check RyanVM's list at his website, that's what it's there for...) since it was released?"



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