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  1. Thanks. I didn't think so and I felt stupid asking, but better safe than sorry. Thanks again.
  2. This may not be in the right forum..... I bought a SATA HD (WD3200AAKS) and an Antec MX-1 enclosure to use for back-ups of data. Will I need to load SATA drivers in order for XP Home to recognize and format the external drive? I plan on connecting it via USB to an old Dell PC with only PATA drives, (mobo based on 850 chipset; NO sata drivers came with it).
  3. Can someone please tell me what the difference is between the English USA and English Extreme USA versions? I have scanned several pages of this thread but don't see an explanation. I really didn't want to read all 12 pages of this thread.
  4. Thanks for the suggestion. I ran process monitor, but I wasn't sure how to read & use the info it gave me. Ayway, I started playing around with various settings under Tools / Internet Options and the problem disappeared. Stupidly, I didn't test after each change I made, so I'm not quit sure which one did the trick. The bottom line is....problem resolved. Thank you all for your input.
  5. I didn't have any other browser installed, so I installed FF. I've never used any other browser and never tried FF when I read about the memory leaks, since I only have 512 megs of RDRAM - you read that right. I'm using a 5 year old Dell machine that uses Rambus memory. During the installation of FF I elected not copy over anything (i.e. bookmarks, etc.) from IE. Result: No problem access the MSFN home page with FF. But I'd still like to figure out why I'm having the issue with IE.
  6. No joy. I was able to access those sites linked at the URL you provided. This is getting very frusting! Any other thoughts? Anyone?
  7. But I'm not trying to download any file when I get this. All I'm doing is typing "www.msfn.org" in the IE address bar. I get the same dialog box if I click on the RSS feed links I use on my Google home page. But if I type "www.msfn.org/board" I can access the main forum index page without any such problem. I even put msfn.org in the Trusted Sites in IE's Internet Options /Security tab
  8. I can't figure this out. Nothing I've done helps. cache cleared cookies deleted Windows firewall: OFF (disbled from install) NIS2007 firewall turned off I have no problems with forum URL, but I can not access the home page Oh yeah, using IE 6
  9. When I try to access the msfn home page to check the latest news, I cannot access the URL. This behavior started about a week ago. Instead I get a 'File Download - Security Warning' dialog box asking: Do you want to save this file? Name: msfn Type: unknown file type, 17.7 KB From: www.msfn.org SAVE CANCEL I haven't change any of my firewall settings lately (I'm using Norton Internet Security 2007). In fact I have the same issue when I temporarily turn off the firewall. I have no problem accessing the forums, as I am using the same PC right now. Anybody else having this problem? Any ideas?
  10. Thank you, all, for your thoughts. I'm sorry I haven't had the opportunity to respond before this. I thought I might save a few dollars in getting CS 2 and save some hassels (as some have reported with CS 3). But I guess I might as well just go for it and get CS 3.
  11. I have been using Photoshop CS (a.k.a. v.8.0) on a company issued laptop and now want to buy my own license (full version, not upgrade) for my home PC. So I was going to get CS 2 but then CS3 came out. (I do have Elements 3.0 on my home PC and now find it totally inadequite. Does Elements qualify me to purchase an Upgrade?). Anyway, can anyone here substantiate the complaints and issues about CS3 found here? Am I better off purchasing a copy of CS2 and skipping CS3? Your experiences and insights would be very much appreciated. Thanks.
  12. First, I'd like to say thank you for such a detailed explanation. That's a lot to ponder and i'm way too tired to contemplate at the moment; going to sleep now. I'll re-read your post tomorrow to make sure I follow it all.
  13. Can I install it on a machine running XP Home, to test an unattended install of XP Home? The system requirements mentioned on the MS site refer to XP Pro; no mention of XP Home, whichleads me to believe the answer is 'No'.
  14. Please explain, by example if you can, what that means; how such independant sensitivity would benifit working in photoshop.
  15. I'm greatly confused with respect to the effect of the dpi settings of the mouse's software and it's effect on precision movement. Like I said, I'm not a gamer and have no experience to draw on, though I'll use some gamming refernces vs. photoshop references). Perhaps you can spell it out for me. Does higher dpi of mouse = greater precision, accuracy; or does higher dpi of mouse = lower precision, accuracy? Is this correct? higher dpi setting of mouse (i.e. 2000 dpi on the G7) = faster, less precise movement of cusor (i.e. turning around quickly in FPS game); hence, less accurate movement (i.e. moving a duplicate layer exactly 4 pixels for certain effects If the above is correct then a mouse with a maximum of 800 dpi (like the MX Revolution) would be good for detailed work in photoshop; and the lower dpi settings of the mouse would provide precise, accuarte snipper targeting.
  16. Thanks for the input. Perhaps I'll check out ebay for the tablet. Never-the-less, I still need a new mouse. Can anyone else help me?
  17. What is the best laser mouse to use in photoshop? Will a laser mouse with a higher sensitivity (I.E. 2000 dpi verses 800 dpi) be better for editing working in Photoshop? I know that applies for most gaming (especially FPS games), but I need a new mouse mainly for general PC chores and, although occasional, I try some ambitious things in Photoshop; (I'm still learning how to use its magic). I'm not a gamer. I've been looking at the Logitech MX Revolution but not sure if I'll be happy with a maximum 800 dpi sensitivity for detailed editing work, verses the G7 with a maximum 2000 dpi sensitivity. I was thinking that for times when I want to duplicate a layer and move it precisly x number of pixels (for certain effects), that the same logic would apply as when precise targeting is desired (as in FPS games) - the higher the dpi setting on the mouse, the greater the precision. I've been reading about the Wacom Graphire and Intuos tablets. But I only do occasional photoshop work (family photos mostly) as an enthused hobbyist (is that a word?). I'm not an artist, paid photographer, or graphics designer. I don't know if the $200 - $300 investment in a Wacom tablet is practicle for me. But I really need a new mouse, so I thought I'd get one that would make things a little easier when in photoshop. As I said before, I'm not a gamer.
  18. Mr Reorg

    Nlite Noob Help

    I can only surmise that this issue, posted over a year ago, has been resolved. I find it hard to believe I succeeded where others have failed. Unless it's because I used a virgin Dell OEM XP Home disk (ie version '0' - initial XP before SP1) and used nLite only to splistream SP2 and RyanVM's Post-SP2 Update Pack and WMP 10 AddOn, (plus a few other choice addons). To keep the OS activation I did have to copy a few files (I can't remember exactly which ones at the moment) and place them in the $OEM$/$$/System32 folder as described here. I found some useful threads in the Unattended forum. (I'm at work right now so I can't double check for you). Or it may have something to do with the fact that I was reinstalling on the same OEM PC. Edit: When i said i used nLite only, I meant I didn't use a combination of nLite and the RyanVM Integrator to do my slipstreaming (I actually had problems when I did that). Of course I used nLite to removed, tweak, etc.
  19. Congrats, nuhi. The recognition is well deserved. I am so grateful to have found nLite. It does so much, yet it is so easy to use.
  20. On my first unattended nlited cd of XP Home, an acccount named "owner" is present at first logon. In XP Home, the system created account named "administrator" is only available if I boot into safe mode. Even though I selected not to use the clasic logon screen, in other words, so that it would use the Welcome screen, the welcome screen dosen't appear because there is only one account (owner) with no password. I also set up my nLite CD to auto-logon.
  21. Thanks for the response, Speeddymon. That will defintely be less of a hassel that what I've been doing. However, what you suggest wont accomplish everything I want to do (be able to resize the partitions if I decide to), but it sounds like it will meet my other needs. I will definetly give this a try for my next semi-unattended reinstall. I didn't know it's possible to interrupt the install process this way. You stated: "Hit format with ntfs (quick) and as soon the formatting screen goes away, hit ctrl+alt+del so your machine reboots." Why do you suggest using the quick format? Can I do the regular (non-quick) format instead so as to check the disk for bad sectors? I wish there was a way to script this into my winnt.sif. Anyone have any thoughts on how to do this?
  22. Can't someone give me an answer, please. I have searched, really I have. This issue has been nagging me and I can't seem to find an answer to my delema. Currently, I have to wait for 1st login, when set up finishes and I see the desktop and then format the logical partitions using XP's Disk Management. Then I drag (move) the entire Program Files folder from C: to D:; manually change the Environment Variables found through the Properties tab of My Computer; and then manually change every reference to their location in Regedit. There's gotta be a better way. Please, won't someone educate me?
  23. When I do a fresh install using my nLite'd CD, I delete any pre-existing partitions that are on my 1st HD (HD 0) so that I can reconsider partition size and wipe out (reformat) the HD. I usually make C: for the OS D: for programs/apps/games E: for temp files and Photoshop scratch pad F: for work space creating new install CDs and virtual PC My 2nd HD (HD 1) is partitioned for data, music, pictures and saved downloads (used for future reinstallations) My installation CD allows me to create the various extended and logical partitions (on HD 0), but it only allows me to format (in NTFS) the partition (C:) onto which I install Windows. I want set set the following environmentals and have the installation process accordingly: ProgramFilesDir = D:\Program Files CommonFiles = D:\Program Files\Common Temp = E:\Temp Tmp = E:\Temp NLite allows me to change the default location of Program Files and Common Files, but since my D: partition is not yet formatted, the install process ignors that setting. Is it possible to pause the installation process after the Text-mode set-up either before or after the 1st reboot so as to formatt the extended and logical partitions that I had created? If it is possible to format the other partitions, but that is the wrong place to accomplish this task, please tell me where, when and how it can be done. Looking at the Windows Setup Timeline, I thought it would make most sense to format those other partitions before the GUI-mode. I'm a noob and would very much appreciate all of the detailed explanation that I can get. I am using Windows Home.
  24. I have made those entries using nLite, but untill the D partition is formated, windows can't recognize where to install programs (on the D partition, that is). And the Program\Common Files still appears in C instead of D
  25. When I install my nLited unattended CD and manually partition the HD, I create C: for the OS, D: for Temp files, and E: for Program Files. But at the time of install I can only format C: for the OS. Questions from a newbie: Is there way to unattendedly format the D and E partitions, or can I only do it manually after the installation is completed, via Disk management in Windows? Is there a command I can run from RunOnce in the winnt.sif? Can you please tell this newbie the syntax to use to change the evironment variables so that all users (ie HKLM) are effected/changed in the registry?

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