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As you probably could tell, I took some time off from programming. I needed a break; was getting burned out. And with all the holidays and family stuff, even busier.

I will be starting back up this weekend. I already have some code updates sitting here. My to do list is still long as ever. At least there hasn't been any bugs in 5.6 that needed immediate attention.

A little advice to all the single guys out there: do NOT date a stripper!!! No matter how good it sounds, it's not all it's cracked up to be. It starts out great at first, but goes down hill quick! Just some friendly advice..... :whistle:

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Got any pics? :P (Of the stripper)

lmao shame shame, mritter i know what your going through been there done that, i wont be returning to it, 6 months of hell was enough for me, it was fun at first, she was some serious arm candy, and every mans fantasy, but then reality kicked in, with strippers comes baggage

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