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What Web Gallery do you use?


What Web Gallery do you use?  

9 members have voted

  1. 1. Your favorite web gallery is...

    • Menalto Gallery
    • CeleronDude's Gallery
    • Flickr
    • ImageShack
    • Coppermine
    • Other (I'll add it!)

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Just wondering what kinds of gallery setups people use for their pictures. Right now, I'm using Menalto Gallery, and CeleronDude's Gallery primarily, and I've been trying to write my own basic, basic PHP/MySQL gallery (none of this "add to cart" or crap like that).

I know I've only got a handful of options up there, but if you come up with others, I'll add them to the list!

Have a look at my gallery!

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One vote for "other": homebrew (and NOT using php!)

There's a lot of popular ones not on the list e.g. coppermine. I think "homebrew" should be an option too, as well as static pages (many apps can generate static pages + thumbnails, such as photoshop). Even "hosted" should be an option (to represent countless places like smugmug)

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