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i'm looking for a way to surpress the "press any key to boot from cdrom" message when i'm booting from the winxp cd so that the installation will start automatically. I think that it will require editting the boot sector. the best site that deals with such things is bart unfortunatly i didn't find there a way to do it but maybe i missed something so check it out.

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I have been looking for that as well, though I agree with others that for an XP installation which will unattendedly reboots, it is not a good idea. For further info: I created Bart's pseudo-"PE" (read free PE) boot CD, and that does not ask. Using Bart's ModBoot method I have included the Boot PE option on a CD, which boots the linux loader, asks which boot image to load, and loads it. When called this way, Bart's PE DOES post the "Hit Any Key" message, and I am calling the same boot image from the simple PE CD, and the ModBot CD. Not only do I not need it, I forget to hang around and hit it, so the PC boots off the HDD, or hangs with no OS. Maybe this can help your research. I did not find more info on Bart's site, either. I do seem to remember that there was an option in the PE creator to display or not display the question, and I selected not to display. This leads me to believe that the "show/no show" option is not embedded in the boot image, but the method in which the boot image is loaded. Good luck, and please let us (me?) know what you find out.

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the pe builder has a plugin directory called bootfix it's used to enable the message and it contains only one INI file


; bootfix.inf

; PE Builder v3 plug-in INF file for adding bootfix.bin

; Created by Bart Lagerweij


Signature= "$Windows NT$"


Name="Boot Fix (Enabling ""Press any key to boot from CD"")"






maybe if i'll change the Enable=1 to Enable=0 it will disable the message that the pe builder will generate a new bootfix.bin and i'll replace with it the default bootfix.bin found in the i386 directory

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Don't say I didn't send you in the right direction ... just don't see how I overlooked that myself. As you say, that is just for generating the loader, not an inf for the loader itself. But it has to be there. I would think that the boot.bin should work fine: all the NT ones just seem to call a certain file on the CD (NTLOADER or something).

Still, it does not explain the afore mentioned mystery using the boot image on it's own, or calling it from a boot loader.

Keep us posted.

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i just started the virtual pc installation and it didn't show me the message that's for sure i'm now at the stage when setup copies files to the installation folder so i'll have to just wait and see. i myself didn't think that it will be that easy.i relayed on a site that said that in order to have the message displayed you have to place the bootfix file in the i386 directory so i thought that not placing it will diable the message, it's that simple

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Although I haven't test it myself, simply delete the file bootfix.bin in i386 should remove the message.

As for Bart's pebuilder, the reason why there is an option to generate 'press any key' message, is because it is usually used with bootscriptor (now cdshell) to create multi-boot cds. In the boot script which shows the menu, you can specify a timeout and default action to take if no key is pressed in the specified time. The default action is usually to boot using hd. Here is a sample of the boot script:


; timeout in 20 seconds, default key is esc

getkey 20 esc

onkey 1 chain images\bootwxpe.bin

onkey 2 chain images\booterdc.bin

onkey 3 chain images\bootdcmd.bin

onkey 4 chain images\bootrcon.bin

onkey 5 goto acronis

onkey 6 memdisk images\w98_cmd.img

onkey 7 memdisk images\di6.img

onkey 8 memdisk images\pm8.img

onkey 9 memdisk images\nav.img

onkey 0 memdisk images\memtest.img

onkey esc goto hdboot


Now because the boot script can prevent booting from the cd repeatedly, including the 'press any key' message is not absolutely necessary. That sounds about right, right! You would have to ask Bart for the real reason.

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