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Safe OC on DFI Lanparty + AMD A64 3700+


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I am looking at OCing my DFI LanParty[uT] RDX200 XPRESS200 939 with my AMD Athlon64 3700 San Diego, but I don't want to spend any cash on upgrading my cooling to a better fan+heatsink or liquid cooling.

I'd like to get it OCed from 2.2 to about 2.5 or so. Do you think this is possible? I have not yet taken the chipset fan off and applyed AS5, but I'll be doing that once I find the guides for hooking up my front panel 1394 and Sound.

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Thanks for the tips guys. I been doing some benchmarks on my rig as a baseline to build from, but it's very choppy already. No reboots or BSODs, but it's got some temporary lock ups, hangs when loading "My Computer" and "My Documents". I attribute the My Docs hang to the fact that I have 60G+ in there. I need to format my drive and get a clean OS on there to bench from and we'll see.

As far as the OC though, how much do you think would be a good first step? It's stock 2.2, would pushing it to say 2.3 be too much for a first step?


Also, I noticed my chipset temps are idling a bit high (around 55c) and the little fan is maxed out. I am going to take it off and put some thermal paste on it soon, but is that going to make a big differance, and should I even be worried?


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no that fine for first step. i would move up by .1ghz at a time until u get errors in prime95. then either up ur voltage or slowly back down the overclock. just read the guide a few times, its long but well worth it :)

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So for my first OC I am going to up my HTT by 10 to 210. This will put me @ 210x11 = 2310 Mghz. This will put my HTT Freq @ 1050, 50 over nominal. Is this too much? My memory will be @ 210 as well, is that too much over, or should I put in a divider? Also, should I play with my timings @ that level and loosen them up a bit, or keep those at default?

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well step 1 is to put ur mem on huge divider so that it wont interfear with overclocking, you will change this later. if u need to up your voltage then just go whatever the smallest step up is and test again. i would be very hesitant to go over 1.5v tho.

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Okay, quick update.

I was able to clock up to 215x11 @ 2363MHz

I set my divider to 9:10.

When I stepped it to 220, it would not clear the cmos backup, so i went back and upped my voltages to my Cpu from 1.36 to 1.5 and backed off my ram divider to 5:6. After that it cleared the backup and boot from CD, and began loading windows. Then I got a reset, and back to startup. I reset everything back to 215 normal volts, and I am loaded up right now.

Since i am only @ 215, i think I may move the memory divider bak to 1:1.

I ran Prime95 Stress for about 1 hour, no errors, and I am idle @ 35c on my cpu and 46c on my Chipset.

i know I can push this to about 2.5, maybe 2.6 and be fine on temps, if I can just get it to be sable past 215. my goal for right now is 230.

Should I try putting more volts through my memory and loosen my timings? They are at 2.5 3 3 8 right now with 2.59v reporting from smartguardian, clocking @ 196.9MHz via CPU-Z.

If that is the case, how much voltage do I increase by, and how should i adjust the settings?

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Aww crap...

dfi-street.com went offline untill further notice...

Something about:

As of today, DFI has decided that honesty and integrity are not their cup of tea.

DFI and DFI-Street.com have parted ways because of this.

That was the main site I was looking @ for overclocking.

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f***ing dfi, wow that p***es me off.

anyways, dont worry about ur ram! put it on the largest divider there is, 5/6 should be good, and just leave it there

i guess u can leave ur voltage at 1.5v, but it should be going past 220 for that....

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