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MoBo issues! X.x


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Worked great for a few months, now when I turn it on all I get is initializing.

Power On:

All lights light up

All lights turn off, and then back on



Till hell freezes over

And I cry myself to sleep.

My board was slightly underpowered, I am afraid I may of blown it. Is there something I can do to test this without buying a replacement board and end up running into the same issues and unable to RMA? How is ASUS on returns and RMAs? I doubt I have everything that came with the mobo. Would they take just the MoBo and give me a OEM?

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Full System Specs:

Asus MVP Deluxe

AMD Athlon XP 3700+

1g Corsair Value Select

ATI x1600xt

160g Generic Lable IDE HDD

450w (20 pin) Thermaltake PurePower Butterfly W0022 (Desc.)


1 fan controler (4 fans)

1 3.5" Floppy drive

1 Cold Cathode lighting tube

I have tried to boot with nothing hooked up but the CPU, RAM, and a PC Speaker to listen for the Post, but it won't even do that. When I pull everything except the Video card, I don't even get a video BIOS from my ATI card.

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CPU is fine. I tested it in another comp. Booted up no problem.

I already ordered a new MoBo, DFI LanParty ATI Crossfire

Had some spoty reviews, but it was only $60, about 1/2 off of normal price, and most of the bad reviews were from Rev 01 and 02. Rev 03 has been out a while, and 04 just came out. And supposedly the newest BIOS update is available, and fixes alot of the issues.

We'll see how it preforms against my old mobo. I got a new PSU too, 550w 20+4 pin. AeroCool 550w PSU.

On a side note, does anyone want to buy my dead mobo and scrap it for fans/parts? lol

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