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[Release] Pidgin v2.5.3

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New version released: Pidgin 2.5.2 (19 October 2008)::




version 2.5.2 (10/19/2008):


* Fixed a crash on removing a custom buddy icon on a buddy.

* Fixed a crash caused by certain self-signed SSL certificates.

* Enable a number of strong ciphers which were previously disabled

when using NSS. (Thanks to Marcus Trautwig.)


* The status selector now saves your message when changing status.

* Fix a case where a conversation window could close unexpectedly.

* A mute sounds option has been added to the preferences window to

help with discoverability. CTRL+S is no longer bound to mute.

* Added ability to change the color of visited links (using the theme

control plugin, or setting the color in ~/.gtkrc-2.0)

* Fix a crash occuring when a custom smiley is deleted and re-added and

used in an open conversation after being re-added.


* A new 'Nested Grouping' option in the 'Grouping' plugin. Group

hierarchies are defined by the '/' character in the group names.

* A bug was fixed where some key-bindings wouldn't work with some TERMs

(e.g. xterm-color, screen-linux etc.)


* Operations (such as moving to a new group) on contacts that were added

in the same session should now complete correctly, and not cause

synchronization errors at next login.

* Minor fixes to login process during a server transfer.

* Restored the "Has You" feature to the MSN protocol tooltips.

* ADL 205/214/etc errors should no longer prevent login.


* Sending and receiving custom smileys using the specification in

XEP-0231 (bits of binary) and XHTML-IM


* Only send a Ping once every hour. This prevents the account from

being disconnected from the server periodically.

Edited by Happy-Dude

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New version:

Version 2.5.3 (12/20/2008)

View all closed tickets for this release.

* libpurple

o The Buddy State Notification plugin no longer prints duplicate notifications when the same buddy is in multiple groups. (Florian Quèze)

o The Buddy State Notification plugin no longer turns JID's, MSN Passport ID's, etc. into links. (Florian Quèze)

o purple-remote now has a "getstatusmessage" command to retrieve the text of the current status message.

o Various fixes to the nullprpl. (Paul Aurich)

o Fix a crash when accessing the roomlist for an account that's not connected. (Paul Aurich)

o Fix a crash in purple_accounts_delete that happens when this function is called before the buddy list is initialized. (Florian Quèze)

o Fix use of av_len in perl bindings to fix some off-by-one bugs. (Paul Aurich)

o On ICQ, advertise the ICQ 6 typing capability. This should fix the reports of typing notifications not working with third-party clients. (Jaromír Karmazín)

o Many QQ fixes and improvements, including the ability to connect using QQ2008 protocol and sending/receiving of long messages. The recommended version to use is still QQ2005.

o Fix a crash with DNS SRV lookups. (Florian Quèze)

o Fix a crash caused by authorization requests. (Florian Quèze)

* Gadu-Gadu

o Add support for IM images. (Tomasz Sałaciński, Adam Strzelecki)

o Gadu-Gadu now checks that UID's are valid. (Adam Strzelecki)

o Gadu-Gadu now does proper charset translations where needed. (Adam Strzelecki)


o Fix an error with offline messages by shipping the new "Microsoft Secure Server Authority" and the "Microsoft Internet Authority" certificates. These are now always installed even when using --with-system-ssl-certs because most systems don't ship those intermediate certificates.

o The Games and Office media can now be set and displayed (in addition to the previous Music media). The Media status text now shows the album, if possible.

o Messages sent from a mobile device while you were offline are now correctly received.

o Server transfers after you've been connected for a long time should now be handled correctly.

o Many improvements to handling of "federated" buddies, such as those on the Yahoo network.

o Several known crashes have been resolved.

o Many other fixes and code cleanup.

* MySpace

o Respect your privacy settings set using the official MySpace client.

o Add support for blocking buddies.

o Fix a bug where buddies didn't appear in their correct groups the first time you sign into your account.

o Properly disconnect and sign out of the service when logging off.

o Support for foreground and background font colors in outgoing IMs.

o Support for background font colors in incoming IMs.

o Many other fixes and code cleanup.

* Sametime

o Fix insanely long idle times for Sametime 7.5 buddies by assuming 0 idle time if the idle timestamp is in the future. (Laurent Montaron)

o Fix a crash that can occur on login. (Raiko Nitzsche)


o Fix a crash when a malformed message is received.

o Don't allow connecting accounts if no server name has been specified. (Florian Quèze)


o Fix the namespace URL we look for in PEP reply stanzas to match the URL used in the 'get' requests (Paul Aurich)

o Resources can be set to the local machine's hostname by using __HOSTNAME__ as the resource string. (Jonathan Sailor)

o Resources can now be left blank, causing the server to generate a resource for us where supported. (Jonathan Sailor)

o Resources now default to no value, but "Home" is used if the server refuses to provide a resource.

o Quit trying to get user info for MUC's. (Paul Aurich)

o Send "client-accepts-full-bind-result" attribute during SASL login. This will fix Google Talk login failures if the user configures the wrong domain for his/her account.

o Support new <metadata/> element to indicate no XEP-0084 User Avatar. (Paul Aurich)

o Fix SHA1 avatar checksum errors that occur when one of the bytes in a checksum begins with 0. (Paul Aurich)

o Fix a problem with duplicate buddies. (Paul Aurich)

* Yahoo

o Corrected maximum message lengths for Yahoo!

o Fix file transfers with older Yahoo protocol versions.

* Zephyr

o Enable auto-reply, to emulate 'zaway.' (Toby Schaffer)

o Fix a crash when an account is configured to use tzc but tzc is not installed or the configured tzc command is invalid. (Michael Terry)

o Fix a 10 second delay waiting on tzc if it is not installed or the configured command is invalid. (Michael Terry)

* Pidgin

o On GTK+ 2.14 and higher, we're using the gtk-tooltip-delay setting instead of our own (hidden) tooltip_delay pref. If you had previously changed that pref, add a line like this to ~/.purple/gtkrc-2.0 (where 500 is the timeout (in ms) you want):

gtk-tooltip-timeout = 500

To completely disable tooltips (e.g. if you had an old tooltip_delay of zero), add this to ~/.purple/gtkrc-2.0:

gtk-enable-tooltips = 0

o Moved the release notification dialog to a mini-dialog in the buddylist. (Casey Ho)

o Fix a crash when closing an authorization minidialog with the X then immediately going offline. (Paul Aurich)

o Fix a crash cleaning up custom smileys when Pidgin is closed.

o Fix adding a custom smiley using the context menu in a conversation if no custom smilies have previously been added using the smiley manager.

o Improved support for some message formatting in conversations.

o Allow focusing the coversation history or userlist with F6.

o Fixed the Send Button plugin to avoid duplicate buttons in a single conversation.

o Double-clicking a saved status will now activate it and close the saved status manager, rather than edit the status.

* Finch

o Allow binding meta+arrow keys for actions.

o Added default meta+erase binding for delete previous word.

o Added "Show When Offline" to buddy menus, so a plugin is no longer needed.

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