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[Release] Pidgin v2.5.3


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please update man :P

Version 2.3.1 (12/7/2007)



Fixed a number of MSN bugs introduced in 2.3.0, resolving problems connecting to MSN and random local display name changes

Going idle on MySpaceIM will no longer clear your status and message.

Idle MySpaceIM buddies should now appear online at login.

Fixed crashes in XMPP when discovering a client's capabilities

Don't set the current tune title if it's NULL (XMPP/Google Talk)

Don't allow buddies to be manually added to Bonjour

Don't advertise IPv6 on Bonjour because we don't support it

Compile fixes for FreeBSD and Solaris

Update QQ client version so some accounts can connect again

Do not allow ISON requests to stack in IRC, preventing flooding IRC servers when temporary network outages are restored

Plug several leaks in the perl plugin loader

Prevent autoaccept plugin overwriting existing files

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pidgin 2.4.0 released

* Added support for offline messages for AIM accounts (thanks to Matthew Goldstein)

* Fixed various problems with loss of status messages when going or returning from idle on MySpaceIM.

* Eliminated unmaintained Howl backend implementation for the Bonjour protocol. Avahi (or Apple's Bonjour runtime on win32) is now required to use Bonjour.

* Partial support for viewing ICQ status notes (Collin from ComBOTS GmbH).

* Support for /notice on IRC.

* Support for Yahoo! Messenger 7.0+ file transfer method (Thanumalayan S.)

* Support for retrieving full names and addresses from the address book on Yahoo! Japan (Yusuke Odate)

* The AIM/ICQ server-side preference for "allow others to see me as idle" is no longer unconditionally set to "yes" even when your libpurple preference is "no."

* Fix SSL certificate checks for renewed certificates

* Fix the ability to set vCard buddy icons on Google Talk/XMPP

* D-Bus fixes on 64bit

* Fixed retrieval of buddy icons and setting of server-side aliases on Yahoo! and Yahoo! Japan when using an HTTP proxy server (Gideon N. Guillen)

* Fixed an MSN bug that would leave you appearing offline when transferred to different server

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version 2.4.3 (07/01/2008):
* Yahoo! Japan now uses UTF-8, matching the behavior of official clients
and restoring compatibility with the web messenger (Yusuke Odate)
* Setting your buddy icon once again works for Yahoo! accounts.
* Fixes in the Yahoo! protocol to prevent a double free, crashes on
aliases, and alias functionality
* Fix crashes in the bonjour protocol
* Always use UTF-8 for Yahoo! (#5973)
* Fix a crash when the given jabber id is invalid.
* Make the IRC "unknown message" debugging messages UTF-8 safe.
* Fix connecting to ICQ
* Fix a memleak when handling jabber xforms.

* Include the send button plugin in the win32 build
* Various memory leak fixes

version 2.4.2 (05/17/2008):
* In MySpaceIM, messages from spambots are discarded (Justin Williams)
* Strip mIRC formatting codes from quit and part messages.
* IRC now displays ban lists in-channel for joined channels.
* Fixed a bug where the list of loaded plugins would get removed when
switching between different operating systems.
* Fix reception of IRC PART without a part message on Undernet
(fixes a problem with litter in the channel user list).
* IRC no longer crashes on /list on servers which erroneously omit
* Update the NetworkManager support to use D-Bus directly, instead of
libnm-glib. Hopefully it's stable now. It will now compile by
default if you have D-Bus support and NetworkManager.h. (Elliott
Sales de Andrade)
* MSN buddy list synchronization is now more forgiving, only asking
about buddies who have disappeared completely from the server list
and not those that have simply moved groups.
* IRC will now try to append 1-9 to your nick if it is in use, instead
of substituting the last character with 1-9 where possible.
* Bonjour buddies will be saved persistently if they're moved out of
the "Bonjour" group. (Eion Robb)

* The typing notification in the conversation history can be disabled or
customized (font, color etc.) in .gtkrc-2.0.
* Added a plugin (not installed by default) which adds a Send button
back to the conversation window. People without physical keyboards
have a hard time with the lack of the button.
* Clicking on the buddyicon in the conversation window toggles the
size of the icon between small and large.
* The settings of a chat (e.g. Handle in an XMPP chat, or Exchange in
an AIM chat) can be edited from its context menu in the buddy list.
* Add a "Present conversation window" preference to the Message
Notification plugin; the "Raise conversation window" option does not
unminimize windows or draw attention to them when they are on other
workspaces--the "Present" option should.
* Add a preference to set Escape as the keyboard shortcut for closing
the conversation window.
* Add an option in the context menu to disable smileys in the selected
text in the conversation history/log viewer. This should help people
who regularly paste code in conversations.
* Add a preference to choose the minimum size of the text input area in
* Moved the "Local alias" field in the Modify Account dialog to be below
the "User Options" heading on the "Basic" tab.
* Number of room occupants is now shown in chat tooltips where possible

* The configure script now dies on more absent dependencies. The
--disable-xxx arguments to configure can be used to bypass unneeded
dependencies. This will also cause the configure script to die if an
--enable-xxx option is used and the dependencies it requires are
* The Evolution integration plugin must now be explicitly enabled. Use
the --enable-gevolution argument to configure to enable it.
* The Contact Availability Prediction plugin must now be explicitly
enabled. Use the --enable-cap argument to configure to enable it.

* New default binding ctrl+x to open context menus.
* Menu triggers and other bindings will no longer conflict.
* Middle click pastes the internal clipboard (when mouse support is

tnx man!!!!

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