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[NEW INFO FOUND *NEED HELP*] Wireless & Dial up NO response


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Looks like two network related updates were included in RVM's UP 2.11:

KB914440 - Just a diagnostics tool, doubt it could be causing anything not related to them

KB920683 - The update you noted earlier - really, something in this one has to be messing things up. Or maybe a combination of this one and nLite, who knows.

Anyway, the latter contains, and presumably updates, two files:

dnsapi.dll - DNS Client API Library

rasadhlp.dll - Remote Access AutoDial Helper

Both are version 5.1.2600.2938.

Dunno if any of this is new to you or if it helps you, but that's all I can see. Good luck solving your problem.

Edit: I decided some other things might be worth mentioning. First, so far as I could tell from looking at the extracted files, no registry keys are added or changed except the ones needed to uninstall the hotfix later. Secondly, have you tried making an install with the RVM Integrator? Does the problem still appear? If so, it's either RyanVM's update pack or the hotfix itself, and you should test a vanilla Windows XP SP2 (that is, no update pack), and just get everything from windows update, to see if it's the hotfix or the update pack. Doing this should atleast narrow things down for you.

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Try using your original CD and installing windows, go to Windows Update and get all updates and keep rebooting and getting all updates until it says there are no more. Let us know if this happens after that.

If not, its not a windows update specifically, so you can rule that out.

ALSO before we go any further, if you havent already gotten it, get nLite v1.2.1 or 1.3Beta1

Once that is ruled out, make another CD and ONLY integrate SP2 and RyanVM's pack. Dont change any options, dont change any tweaks, no hacks, no other addons, dont remove anything, just add RyanVM's update pack.

Then install from that CD and report if it happens.

If it does, then try 2 things:

1) Try making a CD with version 2.1.0 of Ryan's pack and report if it happens, if not, try 2.1.1, and report, if not try 2.1.2 and report, etc until you find the one that causes it. Then report that to Ryan and say since x version it has been doing this.

2) Try making a CD with the latest version of either Boooggy's Windows Update pack, or xable's pack, and report if it happens.

If it doesnt happen with just one of the update packs integrated, and nothing else done to it, then it's one of your tweaks, or something in your options or unattended setup, or one of the addons you are using.

Basically you are going to have to go thru and try it with various sections (unattended, options, tweaks) enabled and disabled until you find it. Might want to try this in a virtual machine, so you dont waste a bunch of CD's. If you need a virtual machine, google for "Microsoft Virtual PC 2004". It's free from MS, and works perfectly.

Actually I have discovered that one of the Addons I'm using (not sure which one yet, but I'm going thru this process now) is causing a lot of stuff to not work in my install....

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Speeddymon & Ver Greeneyes yeah I have gone back to the drawing board basicly been testing a few install methods for the last few days to see if one of the installs does not have this issue. I really think its an update that changed how one of my reg tweaks works. I have tests a few installs and all have suffered this same fate but interestly enough its a little different each time. Also the problem appears to go away after frequest use of the machine. So maybe I wont find an answer and this will just go away. I'm using vmware to test.

I am using ryans newest pack 2.1.5a & xable's dec pack. Also I'm testing nlite 1.3 beta.

**Does anyone know of a really good reg tweak thread. I want to look into updating all of my reg tweaks. I have like a couple 100 and I'd love to check them against something or someones list to make sure there all still valid. I wish a program exsisted that would scan reg files to ensure there still valid. I will report back when I find a solid fix for this.


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The easiest way to find out if its a reg tweak is to just _dont apply any_ during setup. If the problem still occurs then its not your tweaks. If it doesnt, then I would say to manually apply like 10 at a time and reboot until the problem starts happening. When it starts, then you have a list of 10 to manually apply one at a time on the next go-round until you find the culprit.

It may be that 2 tweaks are interacting badly with each other as well..

Or it could be something completely unrelated.

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