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[WPI] [solved] quick help


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i had problems when i play my WPI [5.x , maximum 5.4, 5.5 not tested , 5.6 downloaded today]

in some friends computers the installer run very slow till i stop MP [10/11 no matter]

so i want MP but i want it playing after i press manually the start button

[if i decide to press this button]

i want MP in WPI installer

but i want it silent : autostart=0/false or something like that

where [manually] can i set this ?

i use glossy but is not related to the theme [i think!]

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well i havnt testted it out but id say the file your looking for is the installer.hta file from with in the common folder,,

you maybe able to use a hidden atribute, but if not you can always just put the height and width of the player at 1,, then it would just look like a little spec

other then that im not really sure how to appy the hidden=true feature that wmp has to offer

hope some of that helps you out,

edit.. hmm i might of mis under stood your question

your saying you want it to not auto start ?

if thats so then on line 268 of the installer.hta file which looks like this

document.write('<param name="AutoStart" value="1">');

just change the value to 0

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