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Iv just tryed to run my WPI setup as I have done a few times to configure it I am know presented with a white screen and nothing happens. Iv tryed other WPI.hta set ups I have on cd and the same happens with them. Could anyone explain wot might be wrong? I have spent 16+ hours configuring 70 applications and its all gone wrong for no reason. Iv even tryed replacing MSHTA.exe with no luck.

All seems to run ok in VMWare but when I run manually outside of it still getting white screen.


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I have seen this white screen since the first WPIw was released. . . I mentioned this in these forums earlier.

Anyway the causes of it -

The main cause of white screen delay (it will come up eventually). . . Is internet explorer 7. also depending on the ammount of items in the list will increase this time (5.6 has reduce the time of the white by 75% but as the catagory bug exists I am not ready to update mine yet).

There isn't a fix about for it yet, we'll both just have to pray the guys here find a way to make it black or show a pretty splash screen while constructing the page. I made a list with 407 items in it and let's just say I had time to make a coffee and check my email before the white went away.

The reason things are quicker on VM is that it loads the files quicker than without VM.

:angel remember to pray (we'll need to help them anyway we can). as I want version 5.7 to be perfect and as I somtimes get to early test this project will try my best to do more than pray.

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The "Pro" version of WPI I am working has a feature that quickly opens the main window, then shows a dialog box of what it is doing: rendering menus, rendering toolbar, rendering checkboxes, etc. So you can see what is going on. It may port over to the current, but, maybe not.

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