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nlite install hangs for about an hour


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Hi all

I am using nlite and Jcarles windows update downloader to get the hotfixes and then intergrate then useing nlite 1.2.1 then make a image and test then at T-13 it hangs for about 1 hour i think this is where the hotfixes are being install

Question am i right about this

Question is there any way to speed this up



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as i know


most are done like a service pack

its replaces the old ver of the file in the I386 folder with the new ver

type of deal

but you should tell us what hotfix your adding

addons : are install at the T-13 part of windows install

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T-13 is when windows finishes the registry and runs any scripts in svcpack.inf. Windows SBS 2K3 hangs for about 20 mins at T-13, and this is normal. During this time you propably don't have disk activity, but your processor will be under heavy usage, as rebuilding the registry and other thing that happen here require a lot of power. If you have QFECheck on your CD, this is when it runs, along with SFC, to ensure that all updated file are legit, and the newer version gets kept if there are multiple versions of the same file. If you integrateded a LOT of updates then i would expect this to take 5-10 mins, but that is far too much.

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this is usually when addons are installed ... most of the time (per my experience) due to how the addon is created, some errors are caused in the installation process to an extent that installation hangs ... in terms of run-time, XPize in particular runs in the background for quite sometime (no offense meant XPero :) ) ... but you should not wait that long ... recreate your builds & try to remove any addon you might have ... attch your last_session.ini too ...

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