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[INFO] Interesting 'bug' in IE7


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everyone knows that 'protected mode' is only supposed to work on vista, yes? and not on xp? i'm not sure if this is a bug or glitch or what, but i think the protected mode is working in ie7 on xp...here's what i did

integrate ryanvm's 2.1.3 pack (i know, 2.1.4 is out now, but all my tests with the new version failed to reproduce it), his wmp10 pack, dx9, and wga...i integrated them onto a clean xp sp2 source using the ryanVM integrator...next, i used nlite 1.2.1 to integrate kb892130 (yes, i know this is more wga), then IE7, additional addons and drivers optional...i then selected IE7 in the compatibility section, then went on with my usual cutting of xp :angel

once xp setup is finished, if i open the ie options, go to the advanced tab, and about halfway down, i see this...(except that it was not ticked at first, and not greyed out...once i ticked it, and hit ok, it stays ticked, and is greyed out..yellow info bar on the bottom also shows up after enabling)


i've never seen the 'protected mode enabled' in the status bar, so i'm not sure if it's actually being enabled...i searched all thru gpedit to see if there was anything to set there, but found nothing...

if i use the same update pack, but install ie7 after setup is finished, instead of integrate, this option isn't present...does anyone know if this actually does something? or is it just a glitch? i've noticed nothing so far, but i've only done limited testing...

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I've noted the same behavior when integrating IE7 and RyanVM with nLite.

I ticked the box, it grayed out when i restarted and stayed ticked.

Is there any test to determine if its working, even in limited capacity? I wonder...

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Could someone that has this option but has not enabled it yet, but is willing to do so, follow these instructions?

Go to MS Update, with the option off

Make sure that you can access and install an update.

Close all instances of IE, and make sure that taskmgr doesnt have it listed anywhere

Enable the option

Go back to MS Update, and see if you can access and install an update again

Let us know.

If you can access and install before, but not after, then we know that this "Vista Only Feature" is now an XP feature as well, but if you can both before and after, then it probably doesnt do anything.

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I finally know, what it does. It allows IE to put files only to TIF (Temporary Internet Files) and if it wants to instal elsewhere, eg activex to Windows folder, it will ask for permission. But "funny" thing, in WinXP I could not disable it and in Vista I can not enable it (screen). I guess due to disabled UAC. confused.gif

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But "funny" thing, in WinXP I could not disable it and in Vista I can not enable it (screen). I guess due to disabled UAC. confused.gif

That is correct, if UAC is disabled, so is Protected Mode, regardless of the option in IE. However, it may be a bug that will be fixed with some future MS patch.

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