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Tweaks: Visual Effects-Menu style-Normal vs. Flat


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Could anyone tell me which registry setting stands behind this visual tweak so I can set it myself post-install and check/see if I like the change from normal (as I have it set now) or whether I can spot any difference at all?

And how do YOU set this - anyone with flat setting here? Could you post some menu screens what it looks like?

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Flat Menus tweak can be set for Windows XP and above by enabling the UserPreferencesMask binary value's flag 0x00020000 (for more info about UserPreferencesMask check out my "unofficial reference" ;) ).

Screenshot - Classic vs. Flat Menu (Windows Classic Style):


Tweak (using INF file):

Signature="$Windows NT$"


; Enable Flat Menus (Office XP Style):
HKCU,"Control Panel\Desktop","UserPreferencesMask",1,0x02,2
; Disable Flat Menus (Classic 3D look):
; HKCU,"Control Panel\Desktop","UserPreferencesMask",0,0x02,2

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