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TClock3 0.3.5


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I'm sorry to say that none of the previous issues have been fixed in 0.3.1, apart - maybe - for the resources usage that is not that high now. But it still crashes on exit, systray icons still don't show no matter what kind of fill I choose, but most of all, TClock cannot run when Inspectr is enabled and running - it just freezes all processes including Explorer, and will not work until the system is rebooted.

And if I'm not mistaken, the system menu is not being skinned anymore. But I disabled it anyway.

All this is happening on the same Win98SE system (with some system files upgraded) - Pentium III @ 800MHz, 240 MB RAM, 16MB on-board SiS 630 video.

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Sorry. I haven't done any further testing on Win98. My test laptop is running 2k again. The update was an attempt to fix some crash bugs that pop up when TClock3 starts, that I think were due to race conditions. The fix definitely won't affect resource usage.

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So, WildBill, is there a chance for you to test this under a Win98 system? There are a bunch of bugs and glitches, more or less crittical and they're pretty delicate to catch, reproduce and/or describe.

Although you lately fixed some issues under Win2k, the 98 ones are still there, three of which are quite major, namely:

- Explorer crash on exit

- Systray icons missing

- Resource leak/excessive usage

Another disturbing issue is the fact that auto-hide doesn't work at all with TClock3, so any maximized window will be behind the taskbar. Given that I always keep the taskbar at the top, access to min/max/close titlebar buttons is denied.

Recently, while testing 0.3.0-0.3.2, I noticed that simply hovering quicklaunch icons raises CPU usage to 100%.

And one other bug I noticed is that the taskbar height can be resized to a value of zero. I simply disabled the sizebar and played dragging the taskbar to raise and lower its height; at one point I dropped it while it was completely invisible (zero height). It couldn't be restored, neither by reenabling the sizebar, nor by closing TClock3 - a reboot was necessary.

I have to mention that I've installed the '256 color' patched explorer.exe (4.72.3612.1710) - dunno if that has any impact on TClock3's behavior.

The above is just a quick review of the most important issues that are present on my system. Only intended as a feedback. Please keep up the good work and hopefully you'll be able to find and fix the 98 issues. :hello:

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Off-topic: WildBill, you may create an account at ImageShack and upload any pictures you like. The size limit per picture is much higher (1024kB, IIRC) and there's no global limit on the number of pictures. They automatically offer thumbnail code for forums.

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Hi wildbill, say, does that skinning of the windows work for you? or is it not working at all?

i cant to seem to get it working you know...

could you please let me know?


I've been able to get things like WindowBlinds button halos to work (though not perfectly). Skinning things like window borders isn't implemented. The reason (for now, at least) that TClock3 has to know about border images is because, if you're using WindowBlinds, it has to know where the max/min/close buttons are.

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